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IPO audit and related advisory services

PwC has extensive, practical IPO experience and can help in the preparation, execution and post-IPO stages:
IPO preparation stage
  • Help to prepare IPO audit plan and timetable
  • Advise on the corporate governance practices to meet the regulatory requirements from the relevant exchange
  • Provide suggestions on accounting implications resulting from pre-IPO restructuring
IPO execution stage
  • Perform audits for the historical track record period to comply with exchange requirements
  • Issue reporting accountant opinions to meet listing requirement
  • Provide suggestions on financial statements in offer documents
  • Provide other reporting accountant work according to listing requirements
  • Memorandum on profit and cash flow forecasts
  • Review financial information and related profit, working capital and cash flow forecasts in offer documents
  • Help answer questions from China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and stock exchanges
  • Review offer document for international offerings
Post IPO stage

The portfolio company will be subject to stricter monitoring from regulators, investors and the public. PwC can provide advice and support portfolio companies on:
  • Transactions in capital markets such as new issue of shares, significant acquisitions and sales
  • Internal controls over financial reporting, corporate governance, accounting and rule changes to meet regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing public reporting requirements

Fund raising support for portfolio companies

  • Identify suitable investors, both in China and from our international network of member firms
  • Assist with sale documents suitable for Chinese buyers
  • Check if bidders have resources to complete and advise on negotiation tactics
  • Identify potential valuation issues
  • Assist in management of the deal process

Vendor assistance

  • Establish the basic finance function and IT systems requirements in preparation of an IPO
  • Identify and help deliver value creation plan ahead of the IPO process, to establish a track record of positive business performance
  • Help prepare a business plan and the underlying assumptions

Vendor due diligence

To accelerate the due diligence process, we provide vendor assistance services to sellers to help them prepare for sale and vendor due diligence services to reduce the prospective taxpayers' initial diligence exercise.