Post deal

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A range of performance improvements may be considered post deal.  From basic financial reporting and internal control improvements to company-wide performance improvement and integration projects, the range of services we offer includes:

Value creation plan and delivery

  • Change management and stakeholder communications
  • Define and execute projects to drive business benefits across the whole value chain and back office functions
  • Standardise, simplify and enhance back-office processes
  • Project management to measure and realise targeted synergies and other performance improvements
  • Planning to ensure business continuity on Day 1
  • Tactical plans to stabilise the business over the first 100 days
  • Establishing control over the costs, benefit delivery, quality and scope of the integration programme
  • Assess internal controls and recommend new control procedures
  • Design management performance and option reward system

Monitoring performance of portfolio companies

  • Establish a reporting mechanism with regular management reports
  • Regular monitoring of progress on deal objectives
  • Remedial actions to achieve objectives not being met

Tax compliance

  • Assess whether operations substantially comply with the relevant tax laws and regulations such as VAT, CIT and IIT
  • Identify changes required to restore tax compliance, taking into consideration tax issues and operational requirements of change
  • Identify areas to improve the overall tax efficiency of the portfolio company
  • Help to identify and quantify tax incentives
  • Assist with inquiries and audits by the taxing authorities

Accounting advisory for portfolio companies

  • Suggestions on accounting frameworks that comply with local accounting standards and related regulations
  • Integrated advisory services to improve accounting systems
  • Professional advice on special transactions and complex accounting issues

Finance function effectiveness and internal control advisory

  • Help portfolio companies to re-engineer their finance function to deliver information to support key decisions and effectively meet external reporting obligations
  • Advise on the design and implementation of internal controls to improve the company's controls over operations and financial reporting process
  • Advise on the company's corporate governance practices and improvements to the investors' and board of directors' ability to oversee the companies' operations

Annual audits of portfolio companies

Audits under IFRS, US GAAP or other basis as required by deal agreements and regulators.