Cash repatriation in China video podcast

In English subtitles


According to PwC's 2012 Global CEO Survey, 65% of China and Hong Kong CEOs believe the world will be more open to cross-border capital flows. And in today's investment climate of tightening global liquidity, an increasing number of our clients are asking us, "How do we get our money out of China, to the parts of our business where it's needed most?"

Due to China's stringent foreign exchange red tape, taking cash out of China can still be time consuming, fraught with regulatory hurdles, tax challenges, numerous documentation requirements, and non-unified local practices. In our video podcast series on cash repatriation, PwC China Tax Partners Rex Chan, Anthea Wong and Ray Zhu will address some of potential challenges and possible solutions, walking you through the key concerns of the tax authorities and foreign exchange bureaus, and how you can better prepare to address them in China.