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Apr 2015, Issue 16

China’s move to improve its international taxation policies by virtue of G20 tax reform

Earlier this month, at a seminar in Hong Kong sharing the latest international tax development in the Mainland and Hong Kong, the officials of the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) of China delivered keynote speeches on the topics of current international tax administration framework and achievements, G20 tax reform and focus of international taxation development, etc. In their speeches, they provided China’s responses to the G20 tax reform and outlook of international taxation development in China, and put forward China’s plan to upgrade its international taxation policies and advance the modernisation of international taxation to a new stage. This coincides with China’s international tax agenda for year 2015 and the near future, which was announced at the National International Taxation Conference held this February.

In this News Flash, we will highlight China’s strategic initiatives for the G20 tax reform, introduce the outlook of China’s international tax policy and important tax reforms, and share our observations. Taxpayers should closely monitor Chinese tax authority’s positions and work plans to come up with prompt actions in response to potential changes and developments in the future.

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