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Jun 2015, Issue 25

Are you ready for the launch of national tax inspection for year 2015?

Every year since the 1990s, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has carried out nationwide tax inspections, requiring the local level tax authorities to conduct tax inspection on targeted industries/sectors and to implement specific tax rectification for certain selected regions.

Recently, several local level tax authorities have redistributed the (Shuizongfa [2015] No.25, Circular 25) issued by the SAT in April. This coincides with SAT’s agenda to launch the special tax inspection for year 2015 which is announced at the National Tax Inspection Conference held this March. It signifies the official launch of national tax inspection for year 2015 (Tax Inspection 2015).

In this News Flash, we will introduce the salient points of Tax Inspection 2015 and a snapshot of local level tax authority’s work plans. Taxpayers in the targeted industries/regions should pay close attention to the development of Tax Inspection 2015, timely communicate with their in-charge tax authorities, and resolve tax controversy at an earlier stage to mitigate potential tax disputes. Other taxpayers shall also monitor the environment of tax inspection in China as well as its development, and improve their internal tax risk control in order to minimize tax exposures.

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