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May 2013, Issue 14

Tax incentives for advanced technology service industries extended to 2018

In order to promote the outsourcing service industry, the State Council has introduced a set of preferential policies for the outsourcing service sector in 21 approved pilot cities (Pilot Cities)1 since January 2009. Among the preferential policies, tax incentives for qualified ‛technology advanced service enterprises’ (TASE) are certainly the most attractive ones. These tax incentives are supposed to expire at the end of 2013. However, as a recent effort to further boost the industry, the State Council issued Guobanhan [2013] No. 33 (Circular 33) to extend the existing tax incentives to 31 December 2018. Meanwhile, one of the criteria for assessing the TASE status will also be relaxed on a trial basis for companies in the Suzhou Industrial Zone. Relevant companies should take the opportunity to review their operation and go through the necessary applications to enjoy the extended tax incentives.

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