Video podcast - Cash repatriation series II: Effectively managing taxes in dividend distribution

Did you know over half of corporate income tax revenues collected by China in 2011 from non-tax resident enterprises were from withholding tax on dividends? That’s over 50 billion RMB! That’s why global companies are becoming increasingly focused on reducing the taxes when they repatriate dividends back to their home countries. Reciprocally, it’s also why the Chinese tax authorities are paying increasing attention to this issue.

So back by popular demand, our second podcast on cash repatriation has PwC tax partners Rex Chan, Iris Pang and Jeremy Ngai breaking down some of the more complicated aspects of the repatriation process for dividends. They’ll also walk you through some typical hurdles, tips and case studies in which foreign enterprises have managed to claim favourable treaty benefits in repatriating their dividends back home.