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Asset management publications 

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Nov 2014       Hong Kong formally signed a Model 2 IGA with the US (Financial Services News Flash)
Nov 2014       China Tax News: The last piece of the puzzle - China's taxation rule on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Nov 2014       China Tax News: The long-awaited withholding tax policies for QFIIs/RQFIIs capital gains released - mixed feelings?
Oct 2014       Creating confidence in culture and behaviours
Aug 2014       In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Expected credit losses
Aug 2014       In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Classification and measurement - Analyses the impact of the new standard
Jul 2014       CSRC issued opinions on promoting the innovation and development of the securities investment fund industry
Jul 2014       The state of customer experience in Hong Kong 2014
Jun 2014       Revenue from Contracts with Customers (IFRS 15 for IFRS and ASC 606 for US GAAP) - Take a closer look at how the new standard impacts the asset management industry
May 2014       Hong Kong and US agree in substance on an intergovernmental agreement for FATCA purposes
May 2014       Mobile advertising in China - What do Chinese consumers want and how should businesses be engaging with them?
May 2014       A welcome attempt to clarify "beneficial ownership" under entrusted investment arrangements (China FS Tax News)
Feb 2014       17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the asset management industry
Feb 2014       Asset management 2020: a brave new world
Dec 2013       Webcast: China’s Qualified Domestic Limited Partner programme (QDLP) – a way forward for international hedge funds
Nov 2013       Shanghai QDLP Programme: a new opportunity for asset managers (China FS Tax News)
Oct 2013       What does the Cayman Island IGA really mean for the asset management industry?
Sep 2013       Global private banking and wealth management survey 2013 - Asia cut
Sep 2013       The 10th supplement to CEPA: One step closer to mainland China / Hong Kong mutual fund recognition
Jul 2013       Breakthrough for public funds in attracting talents – long-term equity incentive programme
Jun 2013       Practical guide to IFRS - Investment entities: Exception to consolidation
May 2013       A Business Tax case on disposal of "A" shares that has landmark implications for private equity funds (China FS Tax News)
Mar 2013       Asia-Pacific asset finance & leasing newsletter
Jan 2013       Moving towards a free capital market - SAFE issued new QFII Measures (China FS Tax News)
Oct 2012       Practical guide to IFRS - IFRS 10 for asset managers

Publications prior to Sep 2012 have been archived.