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Banking Newsletter - A newsletter for the China banking community 

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Analysis of China listed banks' results for the third quarter of 2015

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Review and outlook of China banking industry for the first half of 2015

According to our latest analysis, China banks are facing three major challenges - slowing earnings growth, narrowing interest margin and deteriorating asset quality, against the background of China's slowing economy, falling interest rates, abundant liquidity and volatile stock and foreign exchange markets.

PwC believes a market based and proactive disposition strategy of non-performing assets would help to mitigate asset quality problems. Securitisation of non-performing assets represents a viable disposition option which is worth exploring.

The newsletter is organised in following sections:
  • Macro environment at a glance
  • Three "turning points" for banks
  • Banks are adopting differentiated operating strategies
  • PwC's policy recommendations

Previous issues of Banking Newsletter for the China banking community
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