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Stakeholder engagement 

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To create the most value for our business and communities, we consult our stakeholders including our own people to guide the CR priorities for our business.

Engaging with our stakeholders is essential for us to understand local stakeholders’ needs and create the value they’re looking for. This insight also helps us to create a picture of stakeholder views that we use to inform our decision making, and ensure our reporting is relevant and responsive.

This year, a record 1,253 individuals completed our annual stakeholder engagement survey, representing the following major stakeholder groups:
  • Clients
  • CPA institutes
  • Media
  • Non-profit organisations
  • PwC staff and partners
  • Suppliers

Key areas of interest

The results of our 2014 stakeholder engagement are depicted in the materiality matrix diagram below, which shows all of the material issues identified by our stakeholders. Issues which are most material to our external stakeholders are plotted further up the vertical axis, while those most material from an internal business perspective are plotted further along the horizontal axis.

2014 Stakeholder engagement materiality matrix