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You are a European company and want to invest, grow or go public in mainland China and/or Hong Kong?

2015 Latest issue of China Tax/Business News Flash
2015 The People's Republic of China: Tax facts and figures
Jan 2013 Doing business and investing in China
Jan 2013 China Compass - Recent changes in tax, accounting and investment related regulations in China (pdf file): Winter 2012/13 (in German) / Summer 2012 (in German) / Spring 2012 (in German)

You are a mainland Chinese or Hong Kong company and want to invest, grow or go public in Europe?
Jul 2013 Real Estate Investment in Germany - Guide for Chinese Investors (PDF file in German and Chinese)
Jun 2013 German Tax & Legal News (pdf file): Jun 2013 / May 2013 / Feb 2013 / Jan 2013 / Jul 2012 (in German) / Apr 2012 (in German) / Jan 2012
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Jul 2012 Doing Business and Investing in Germany
Dec 2009 China outbound investment guide (in Simplified Chinese)

Publications prior to Dec 2009 have been archived.