mHealth China: designing a winning business model 

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Sep 2012

This report focuses on designing a successful mHealth business model under China's unique macroeconomic environment. It is based on China specific data which included survey responses from 103 consumers, 76 doctors, 31 hospital administrators, and 14 government payers.
China is in a unique position for a potential mHealth revolution. China’s large and fast growing mobile user population and increasing demand for health care will create fertile ground for growing mHealth businesses that hope to target the diverse needs of the Chinese people.

A winning future mHealth business model has to significantly improve the experiences of the users. Survey data indicated that consumers are looking for greater convenience in access to care, information to diagnose, treat and manage their care, with lower costs and an improved ability to communicate and integrate with healthcare service providers. Doctors, providers and payers are first focused on gaining efficiencies in administrative and operational functions within their organizations and when interacting with patients. Later, once reimbursement issues get resolved, they will focus on the delivery of care through mHealth.
In order for external stakeholders to invest in mHealth solutions, there must be a quantifiable economic benefit. Promising global mHealth business models follow the principle of offering concrete ROI for their stakeholders. New entrants in China’s mHealth arena have emerged with ideas that create attractive features to users, sounded ROI for stakeholders, and sustainable revenue for themselves.

With a proper supporting environment, mHealth provides the greatest promise for addressing China’s healthcare challenges. A potential game changing catalyst is to combine government support with industry innovation into one open collaboration consortium. It will unify standards, fund new projects, and align resources to blaze the trails for mHealth acceleration.
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