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Insurance publications 

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Feb 2015       18th Annual Global CEO Survey - Turning disruption to your advantage
Jan 2015       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights: Education tax on variable insurance in Korea
Jan 2015       top issues - The insurance industry in 2015
Dec 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights: 2014 Japanese tax reforms
Nov 2014       Hong Kong formally signed a Model 2 IGA with the US (Financial Services News Flash)
Nov 2014       China Tax News: The last piece of the puzzle - China's taxation rule on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Nov 2014       China Tax News: The long-awaited withholding tax policies for QFIIs/RQFIIs capital gains released - mixed feelings?
Nov 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights: Indonesia - The standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters
Oct 2014       Creating confidence in culture and behaviours
Oct 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights: India - Recent developments
Oct 2014       Gut and Gigabytes: China and Asia Pacific insights from our Global data & analytics survey 2014: Decision making in the insurance industry
Sep 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - The VAT reform - a wake-up call for the China insurance sector
Aug 2014       In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Expected credit losses
Aug 2014       In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Classification and measurement - Analyses the impact of the new standard
Aug 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - Key income tax developments affecting the insurance industry in Australia
Jul 2014       Playing for keeps: How insurers can win customers, one at a time
Jul 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - Malaysian transfer pricing landscape - Spotlight on compliance
Jul 2014       Insurance 2020: The digital prize -Taking customer connection to a new level
Jul 2014       The state of customer experience in Hong Kong 2014
Jun 2014       Insurance 2020: Forcing the pace - the fast way to becoming a digital front-runner
May 2014       Hong Kong and US agree in substance on an intergovernmental agreement for FATCA purposes
May 2014       Mobile advertising in China - What do Chinese consumers want and how should businesses be engaging with them?
Apr 2014       Turning frowns upside down: How financial institutions can transform complaints into a competitive advantage
Apr 2014       The art of letting go: Middle-and back-office right-sourcing options for insurance investment management
Apr 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax review - Key tax issues on merger and acquisition of insurance companies across Asia Pacific
Apr 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - Tax reform package proposes to increase tax revenue through reduction of creditable surtax on dividend distribution and increase in business tax for insurance companies in Taiwan
Mar 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - A snapshot of the variety of tax incentives available to the insurance industry in Singapore
Feb 2014       Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - The revised Insurance Code of the Philippines
Feb 2014       17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the insurance industry
Jan 2014       Transfer pricing issues for insurance groups operating in Asia
Nov 2013       Insurance - Unleashing a wealth of new opportunities - Digital Consulting
Nov 2013       Shaping the future of insurance accounting (pdf file, 932KB)
Oct 2013       Practical guide to IFRSs - Revised exposure draft will significantly change accounting for insurance contracts
Aug 2013       Insurance facts and figures - Asian region 2013 (pdf file, 12.6MB)
Jul 2013       IASB published exposure draft on insurance contracts
Jun 2013       Insurance 2020: Unleashing the value from values (pdf file, 320KB)
May 2013       May the distribution forces be with you: Developing the right P&C insurance distribution strategies for international markets (pdf file, 5.0MB)
Apr 2013       Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: How life insurers can streamline incentive compensation for their producers (pdf file, 1.1MB)
Apr 2013       Eyes on the prize: Implementing fast, flexible policy administration systems in the P&C insurance sector (pdf file, 3.2MB)
Feb 2013       Life insurance is “sold” and not “bought”— for how long? A perspective on direct-to-consumer life insurance (pdf file, 1.3MB)
Jan 2013       Practical guide to IFRS - IFRS 10 for the insurance industry
Jan 2013       Moving towards a free capital market - SAFE issued new QFII Measures (China FS Tax News)
Oct 2012       Life insurance 2020: Competing for a future (pdf file, 549KB)

Publications prior to Oct 2012 have been archived.