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Published in Jan 2017
China China Tax News: China introduces the first green tax law for environmental protection
China China Tax News: Industry issues under the B2V pilot program gradually resolved with follow-up circulars
China M&A 2016 review and 2017 outlook
China PwC automotive industry bluebook (2017 Edition) - China automotive market: witnessing the transformation
China PwC China automotive capability statement
Hong Kong Hong Kong tax review 2016
Global ITS News - Edition 47

Published in Dec 2016
China China Tax News: A Glance at the tax implications of the Shenzhen - Hong Kong stock connect
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Common pitfalls of the impairment VIU model, Cannon Street Press and demystifying IFRS 9 series article explains significant increase in credit risk
China Demystifying IFRS 9 Impairment videos
China Demystifying IFRS 9 Impairment videos
China China Tax News: New trend for cross-border capital under capital account
China Cash in from within - 2016 Working Capital Management China & Hong Kong Market Study
China MoneyTree™ China TMT Report Q1 / Q2 2016
China China Tax News: SAT and SAFE refine the interim and post administration mechanism by establishing information sharing system
China Banking Newsletter: Analysis of China listed banks' results for the third quarter of 2016
China Oil Field Services: Emerging from a downturn
Hong Kong Hong Kong: Pre-arrival registration for Indian nationals
Hong Kong Financial Services Tax News Flash: Switzerland and Hong Kong mutual recognition of funds
Hong Kong Cyber Security — Guidance Note on Corporate Governance
Hong Kong Cracking the corporate governance code - How ready are Hong Kong listed companies in meeting new requirements?
Hong Kong Illustrative HKFRS consolidated financial statements (For the year ended 31 December 2016 )
Global ITS News - Edition 46
Global Accounting for cryptocurrencies
Global Climate policy risk - How does this become a credit risk for banks?
Global IFRS 17 - an opportunity to shine a light on value creation in the insurance industry
Global Shifting patterns: The future of the logistics industry
Global Industry 4.0: Building the Digital Enterprise - Transportation and logistics key findings
Global ITS News - Edition 45

Published in Nov 2016
China The mall of the future - It's nothing like today
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Regulators' focus on the new standard disclosure for IFRS15 updates, Cannon Street Press and the leases lab introduces predetermined use contracts
China China health food market overview and outlook
China Risk Bites - 2016 Issue No.8
China Current status and challenges for rehabilitation institutions in China
China China entertainment and media outlook: 2016-2020
China Trends and research directions of Medical Robotics
China China remains on track to grow in the third quarter of 2016 buoyed by service sector growth and fixed asset investment
China China Tax News: China: new "super" tax incentives for qualified equity incentive plans and investments
China CatchMe if you can within 24 hours
China PwC software robotics
China Evolving with the times while navigating a competitive environment: Family businesses in China and Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The HKSAR Government reveals plan for implementing BEPS measures in its consultation paper
Asia Pacific Emerging trends in real estate® Asia Pacific 2017
Global Food Fraud Vulneerability Assessment and Mitigation - Are you doing enough to prevent food fraud?
Global Aspirations and realities: Gauging the impact of the ICS on capital management
Global The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017 - How organizations are adopting innovative safeguards to manage threats and achieve competitive advantages in a digital era
Global Are we nearly yet? - Private Equity and the responsible investment journey
Global GN16 - What do you need to do now?
Global Breaking through: How insurers can harness the diversity dividend
Global More for less: Five steps to strategic cost reduction
Global ITS News - Edition 44

Published in Oct 2016
China Chinese hospital M&A review and outlook - 1H 2016
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Impact of the new insurance standard and IFRS 9 Myth Busters, Cannon Street Press, additional volatility in profit or loss for lessees from lease contracts denominated in a foreign currency, and practical implications of IFRIC rejections related to IAS 24 "Related-party disclosures"
China Connected car report 2016: Opportunities, risk, and turmoil on the road to autonomous vehicles
China China Tax News: Highlights on the Final FIE Record-filing Administrative Measures and the New FIE Administration System
China China Tax News: China releases CRS compliance requirements for financial institutions
China China Tax News: SAT’s new rules on advance pricing arrangements reflect its new thinking on tax administration
China Blockchain: The $5 billion opportunity for reinsurers
China Billionaires Insights 2016: "Are billionaires feeling the pressure?"
China Stress testing your anti-money laundering / counter-terrorist financing programme
China Innovating to grow: A new world of opportunity for insurers
China Banking & capital markets 2020: Is your business equipped with a tax function for the future?
China G20 leaders recommit to tax cooperation in the context of growth, BEPS, and transparency
Hong Kong Risk committee - Guidance note on corporate governance
Asia Pacific Review of Investor Reporting Trends Asia-Pacific 2016

Published in Sep 2016
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IC rejections related to IAS 20 Government Grants, IFRS 11 Joint Arrangements, IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements and IFRIC 12 Service Concession Arrangements; Cannon Street Press on an amendment to IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts

China Webcast - China financial services tax updates

China China Tax News: China: Pilot scheme for new work permit cards

China China Tax News: A new big data era for tax administration - what to expect from China's Golden Tax III Project?

China China Tax News: Foreign investment enjoys policy benefits in China with the expansion of “Negative List” administration mechanism nationwide

China Cities of Opportunity 7

China Risk Bites - 2016 Issue No.7

Hong Kong The Importance of having an effective resourcing solution for your internal audit function amid today's challenges - What suits you the best?
Hong Kong Establishing an "In-House Bank" under Hong Kong's Corporate Treasury Centre policy to improve global competitiveness
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The IRD clarifies the operation of the tax regime on qualifying corporate treasury centres
Hong Kong Hong Kong private wealth management landscape 2016
Global Internet Audit Matters: Combined Assurance - How do boards obtain comfort over controls governance?
Global Staying ahead of the curve - enterprise risk management
Global Beyond automated advice: How FinTech is shaping asset & wealth management
Global Asian insurers and regulators confront digitisation challenges
Global Autofacts Analyst Note - US Dealerships: An American tradition
Global ITS News - Edition 43

Published in Aug 2016
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Update on income taxes, decommissioning liabilities and impairment testing, difficulties in translating IFRSs, Cannon Street Press, IFRS 16’s possible impact on communications industry and practical implications of IFRIC rejections related to IAS 23 “Borrowing costs”

China China's economy maintains momentum in challenging conditions

China PPPs in healthcare - China perspectives and cases

China IFRS / HKFRS News: Illustrative condensed consolidated interim financial information for existing IFRS / HKFRS preparers

China M&A 2016 mid-year review & outlook

China Insurance newsletter - Special analysis of 2015 annual reports of listed insurance companies

China Webcast - Customs intensive interests in valuation

China Webcast - Readiness for China's transfer pricing compliance requirements - How is your company positioned to meet the SAT new compliance requirements?

China IFRS / HKFRS News: Ten reminders for interim reporting, alternative performance measures - under scrutiny by regulators, definition of a business, implication of IFRS 2 "Share-based Payment" amendments, IFRS 9 "Financial Instruments" Q&As, Cannon Street Press, leases lab for impact on systems and processes, and practical implications of IFRIC rejections related to IAS 21 "The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates"
Hong Kong Big Data, smart cities, and the future of Hong Kong  
Hong Kong Cyber Fortification Initiative (CFI) - The new framework initiated by the HKMA: Are You Ready? 
Hong Kong Hong Kong IPO market - 2016 interim review and forecast  
Hong Kong Default Investment Strategy (DIS) 
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Trading profits found to be onshore in another Board of Review decision 
Hong Kong Risk Bites - 2016 Issue No.6

Hong Kong In the spotlight - Impact of IFRS 16 to airlines 
Asia Pacific Asset & wealth management tax highlights - Asia Pacific (Apr to Jun 2016)
Global Tech breakthroughs megatrend - How to prepare for the technological breakthroughs megatrend, and the eight technologies to start with

Global Medical cost trend - Behind the numbers 2017

Global Global Economic Crime Survey 2016 - Financial Services industry insights
Global Payments in the wild tech world - Digitisation and changing customer expectations
Global ITS News - Edition 42

Published in Jul 2016
China New standard on revenue recognition - IFRS / HKFRS 15 + ASC topic 606 
China China Tax News: Beginning of a new era – SAT issues new China transfer pricing compliance requirements 
China China Tax News: New Working Guidelines for the Administration and Assessment of HNTEs - opportunities and challenges 
China Top health industry issues: China view points 
China China Asset & Wealth Management Tax News Flash: Entry ban lifted for wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOEs) and joint ventures (JVs) engaging in private securities investment fund management business in China
China Financial crime in funds transfer systems  
China In brief - A look at current financial reporting issues: Impact of UK referendum result on financial reports 
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IFRS 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers" and the insurance industry, Cannon Street Press, leases lab for how to implement the new guidance on lessee's KPIs, and practical implications of IFRIC rejections related to IAS 19 "Employee benefits" 
China China findings overview: How corporate decision making is changing in China 
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Hong Kong can now carry out international automatic exchange of information 
Hong Kong Transfer Pricing News Flash: Hong Kong has joined the inclusive framework for implementation of the BEPS package 
Asia Pacific Webcast - Latest developments in Australian income tax
Global Customers in the spotlight - How FinTech is reshaping banking
Global Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): A roadmap to growth
Global ITS News - Edition 41

Published in Jun 2016
China Top health industry issues of 2016: Issue 10 - Enter the biosimilars  
China China Tax News: Extension of the valid period of a Hong Kong TRC for the Mainland-HK DTA eases taxpayers’ administrative burden 
China Winding up of a PRC Joint Venture
China China Tax News: The latest IIT trends and challenges affecting foreign employees and their employers 
China Financial Services Tax News Flash: The long-awaited DIPN on tax exemption for offshore private equity funds still leaves some issues to be addressed
China Top health industry issues of 2016: Issue 9 - Behavioral healthcare: no longer on the backburner 
China China Tax News: Administrative measures for VAT exemption on cross-border taxable activities under the B2V Pilot Program – detailed preferential policy conditions and standardised record filing procedure 
China China Tax News: Heads of tax administrations gathered in China to deepen international tax cooperation 
China The disruptive face of the retail and consumer products sector in China and Hong Kong
Hong Kong Financial Services Tax News Flash: Transfer pricing is more important than ever for fund managers operating in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Healthcare reform to open access
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Extension of the valid period of a Hong Kong TRC for the Mainland-HK CDTA eases taxpayers' administrative burden
Hong Kong Financial Services Tax News Flash: Green light for open-ended fund companies in Hong Kong - law enacted
Asia Pacific Sink or swim: Why wealth management can't afford to miss the digital wave (Asia Pacific highlights)
Asia Pacific Webcast - Road to Myanmar - Tax issues
Global Winding up of a PRC Joint Venture
Global ITS News - Edition 40
Global Opportunities await: How InsurTech is reshaping insurance
Global Mine 2016: Slower, lower, weaker... but not defeated
Global Financial services technology 2020 and beyond: Embracing disruption
Global Global entertainment and media outlook: 2016-2020
Global Total Retail 2016: They say they want a revolution
Global Autofacts Analyst Note - US dealerships: An American tradition. Franchise dealers and the road ahead

The female millennialA new era of talent Asian Tax and Advisory Webcast Series