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Published in May 2015
China China Tax News: Gradual removal of 'Non-administrative approval items' will bring both convenience and challenges to taxpayers
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB's proposal on deferral of effective date of revenue standard, Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "Zoos and IAS 41" 
China In depth - IFRS 11 Joint arrangements: Implementation issues considered by the IFRS Interpretations Committee

China China Tax News: Hong Kong as the ‘Going Global’ platform for Chinese MNCs
China China Tax News: Local incentives are allowed to be continued until expiry
China China Tax News: SAT released new measures to support the "One Belt One Road"
China Banking newsletter: Review and outlook of China banking industry in 2014
China In depth - IFRS 10 "Consolidated financial statements" and IFRS 12 "Disclosure of interests in other entities" - Questions and answers
China The People's Republic of China: Tax facts and figures
China China Tax News: Tax payment by instalments - China's new tax policy on investment by individuals with non-monetary assets
China Webcast: Concerns over the sustainability of variable interest entity (VIE) in China?
China China Tax News: Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone (1): Official launch and release of the overall plan
China China Tax News: Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone (1): official launch and overall plan’s observations
China China to open up its import tariff and importation policies for consumer products
China In depth - IFRS 9: General hedge accounting
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Hong Kong as the ‘Going Global’ platform for Chinese MNCs

Hong Kong Changes to Hong Kong immigration policy - implementation details announced

Hong Kong Aviation leasing: Leveraging Hong Kong's strengths
Hong Kong Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report - What are the key changes?
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Tax Notes 2015
Asia Pacific IPO Watch Asia 2014
Asia Pacific Videos - Malaysia issues principal hub incentive guidelines 
Global Bridging the gap: Aligning the responsible investment interests of Limited Partners and General Partners
Global Needs of institutional investors in the new alternative world
Global Hedge fund administration: The quest for profitable growth
Global Asia Insurance Review - Regulatory updates
Global Cyber - Think risk, not IT
Global fs viewpoint - Ditch the product pitch: Winning through customer-focused content
Global Consumer Intelligence Series - Customer care evolution: Digital leads the way
Global ITS News - Edition 27

Published in Apr 2015
China How to achieve top corporate treasury performance under the ‘New Normal’
China China Tax News: China’s move to improve its international taxation policies by virtue of G20 tax reform
China Webcast: Securing China Research & Development (R&D) tax incentives
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB/FASB proposed clarifications and expedients to revenue recognition; new leasing standard approved for ballot; Revenue Transition Resource Group March meeting; Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "yields" 
China China Tax News: Official launch of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone
China Autofacts Analyst Note - City tier analysis of light vehicles in China

China An overview of the new global auditor reporting model - Delivering the value of the audit, new insightful audit reports
China China Tax News: B2V reform of the real estate and construction sectors is just around the corner
China China Tax News: Amendments to the China-Hong Kong double tax arrangement bring benefits as well as obligations to taxpayers
Hong Kong How does the standard for automatic exchange of information impact financial institutions' compliance plans? 
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Amendments to the China-Hong Kong double tax arrangement bring benefits as well as obligations to taxpayers 
Asia Pacific Webcast: Korea update: Foreign exchange transaction audits and other recent customs developments
Asia Pacific Investment Manager Regime revised exposure draft exempts foreign funds from Australian tax  
Global Adding it all up: Modern rating systems for property and casualty (P&C) carriers
Global ITS News - Edition 26
Global 18th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the automotive industry
Global Global Oil & Gas Deals Practice - An international network of Oil and Gas deal advisors 
Global Global power & utilities statement of capabilities 
Global In depth - Impairment of non-financial assets  
Global The road ahead - Gaining momentum from energy transformation 
Global Power & renewables deals: 2015 outlook and 2014 review 
Global Capital markets 2020 - will it change for good? 
Global Global fund distribution 2015 
Global Solvency II for asset management 
Global FS Viewpoint - Threat smart: Building a cyber resilient financial institution - an East Cluster perspective 

Published in Mar 2015
Global Asset management tax highlights - Asia Pacific
China IFRS 9 "Financial instruments": Hedging in practice - Frequently asked questions
China Autofacts Analyst Note - The oil conundrum

China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB and FASB's discussion on potential revisions to revenue standard; Investors calling for clarity and conciseness in policy disclosures; Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "eXiting a business" 
China China Tax News: New challenges to the tax valuation for the offshore indirect transfer
China China Tax News: Further scrutiny on intra-group outbound payments under way
China 18th Annual Global CEO Survey - China insights
China China Tax News: Looking out for significant changes to China's tax collection and administration law
China Chinese 'Cities of Opportunity 2015' study report
China China Tax News: China releases first annual international tax dispute resolution statistics
China China Tax News: New rules to further improve and tighten individual income tax administration on equity transfer
Hong Kong Private Equity Tax News Flash: Hong Kong profits tax exemption for offshore funds extended to private equity funds – amendment bill gazetted
Asia Pacific Webcast: Asset management and private equity tax update: Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Asia Pacific Webcast: Japan 2015 tax update
Global Global technology IPO review: Full-year and Q4 2014
Global Real estate: Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Global outlook 2015
Global The female millennial - A new era of talent
Global ITS News - Edition 25

The female millennialA new era of talent Asian Tax and Advisory Webcast Series