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Published in Feb 2016
China China Tax News: Statistics reveal high level of double tax relief in China's MAP process
China Top health industry issues of 2016:
Issue 2: New database improve patient care, consumer health

Global Devil in the data: How banks can improve data management
Global One step ahead: How banks can anticipate what customers will want next

Published in Jan 2016
China Top health industry issues of 2016:
Issue 1: Care moves to the community

China Latest developments of tax policies for cross-border e-commerce in China
China IFRS / HKFRS News: 10 reminders for year-end reporting; revenue TRG discusses optional purchase, licences and other topics; the TRG for Impairment of Financial Instruments continues discussions on impairment implementation issues; Cannon Street Press; and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 11 "construction contracts" 
China Chinese bankers' survey 2015
China China Tax News: Improving market access under the China-Korea and China-Australia Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
China M&A 2015 review and 2016 outlook
China Risk Bites - Jan 2016
China China Tax News: Hong Kong issued a draft tax legislation to promote it as a location for setting up a corporate treasury centre
China China Tax News: China releases the blueprint for tax collection and administrative reform - Profound impact to be anticipated on taxpayers
Hong Kong Understanding the IRD's views on emerging salaries tax issues
Asia Pacific Webcast - Japan 2016 tax reform
Asia Pacific Webcast - Update on global mobility: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
Global Top health industry issues of 2016:
Full report: Thriving in the New Health Economy

Global Retail sector: Tax rate benchmarking
Global Breaking News - New leases standard (IFRS 16): Challenge and solution!
Global Stepping into the cockpit: Redefining finance's role in the digital age
Global Transportation and logistics breaking news - New leases standard (IFRS 16)
Global In brief - A look at current financial reporting issues: The IASB publishes a new standard on lease accounting
Global ITS News - Edition 35
Global Billionaires Insights: "The changing faces of billionaires"
Global From surviving to thriving: Cancer's next challenge
Global On track for the payback: Realising megadeal

Published in Dec 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB's proposed practice statement on application of materiality to financial statements and Cannon Street on financial instruments with the characteristics of equity, disclosure initiative, borrowing costs, joint control and definition of a business  
China China Tax News: Tax policy for Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds Arrangement is released
China MoneyTree™ China renewable and cleantech investment report (Q3)
China China Tax News: New administration of CIT preferential treatments: simplifying record-filing procedures and shifting the focus to post-filing supervision
China Driving value: 2015 Midyear automotive M&A insights
China Capitalisation of exchange losses of foreign currency borrowings arising from the devaluation of the Renminbi
China China FS Tax News Flash: BT to VAT reform in securities industry
China China Tax News: New opportunities arising from expanded scope of zero-rated VAT preferential treatment to certain exported services
China Transfer pricing vs. Customs valuation - A practical approach and perspective in China
Hong Kong Is customer churn good for business?
Hong Kong Hong Kong tax review 2015
Hong Kong Financial Services Tax News Flash: Strengthening Hong Kong's role as an asset management centre - the FSDC's recommendations
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The draft tax law on corporate treasury centre in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: New tax appeal procedures
Asia Pacific Emerging trends in real estate® Asia Pacific 2016
Global Global hedge fund distribution survey 2015: Distribution disrupted - Spotlight on alternatives
Global ITS News - Edition 34
Global Banking banana skins 2015
Global Insurance 2020: Are Actuaries being replaced by algorithms?
Global Maritime carbon compliance - Are you ready for mandatory CO2 emissions reporting?

Published in Nov 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Interpretation proposed on foreign currency for advance consideration and IAS 12 "Uncertainty over income tax treatments"; Cannon Street Press and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 10 "Events after the balance sheet date"  
China China Tax News: The State Council issued new guidance to drive start-ups and innovation
China China Tax News: More transparent administrative guidelines for tax treaty benefit claims
China China Tax News: Refining the super-deduction policy for research and development expenses - New opportunities and challenges
China OECD action plan on BEPS: the impact for the Asset Management industry from a China / Hong Kong perspective
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Understanding the IRD's views on emerging corporate tax issues, in particular the practice on processing Hong Kong tax resident certificate applications
Hong Kong Untying the knot: Sharpening strategies for regulatory change
Hong Kong General insurers should not ignore IFRS 4 Phase II
Asia Pacific Asset management tax highlights - Asia Pacific (Jul to Sep 2015)
Global Connected and coordinated: Personalised service delivery for the elderly
Global Global technology IPO review: Q3 2015
Global ITS News - Edition 33

The female millennialA new era of talent Asian Tax and Advisory Webcast Series