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Customs enterprise credit management
Published in Jan 2015
China M&A 2014 review and 2015 outlook 
China Anti-trust law to profoundly reshape the China auto sector in 2015 and beyond 
China China Tax News: Time for a compliance check – The clean-up of local tax and fiscal preferential policies 
China China Tax News: International tax reform may bring higher tax and compliance burden for digital business 
China The shift from ownership to access: How will the automotive industry respond to new consumption models in China? 
China Autofacts Analyst Note - China: The emergence of auto finance 
China China Tax News: Significant improvement on the corporate income tax treatments for restructuring transactions 
Hong Kong New enhancement measures for Hong Kong immigration policy 
Hong Kong New Hong Kong Companies Ordinance - Accounting & reporting alert: Non-statutory accounts - HKICPA issues draft guidance on section 436 – publication of “specified financial statements” and “non-statutory accounts” 
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The IRD lost in the Aviation fuel supply case as a matter of procedural fairness 
Hong Kong Financial Services News: Taxation of Hong Kong investment managers / advisors 
Asia Pacific ETF 2020 - Preparing for a new horizon
Global The 18th Annual Global CEO Survey
Global Top insurance industry issues in 2015
Global ITS News - Edition 22

Published in Dec 2014
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Impairment disclosures in practice which includes recent updates to IAS 36 "Impairment of assets" and common impairment scenarios and detailed disclosure requirement; Q&As on "underlying" 
China Chinese bankers' survey 2014
China Shanghai/Hong Kong Stock Connect: Developing a sustainable operating model
China China Tax News: China APA Annual Report (2013) - Key trends and observations
China China Tax News: New visa requirements for short-term workers coming to China
China China Tax News: Scrutiny on intra-group outbound payments - Chinese tax authorities in action from local to state level
China China Tax News: New GAAR procedures released - More or less GAAR disputes going forward?
China China Trade Alert - Customs enterprise credit management
China China Tax News: Mainland China-Taiwan: Welcome messages delivered in the cross-strait tax seminar on the development of cross-strait tax treaty and anti-tax avoidance reform
China China Tax News: Further clarification of the new corporate income tax accelerated depreciation policy for fixed assets
Hong Kong Private Equity Tax News Flash: Proposals to extend the Hong Kong offshore fund exemption regime
Hong Kong Illustrative IFRS/HKFRS consolidated financial statements
Hong Kong Financial Services News: Tax transparency on the rise - Are you prepared to combat tax evasion?
Hong Kong Financial Services News: Proposed stamp duty waiver for exchange traded funds
Hong Kong Hong Kong tax review 2014
Hong Kong The latest IRD’s views on various salaries tax issues
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights: 2014 Japanese tax reforms

Asia Pacific Real estate: Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific 2015

Published in Nov 2014
China China Tax News: China and the United States’ extended visa policy for business travellers, tourists and students
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Revenue transition resource group tackles performance obligations and licences; Cannon Street Press on leasing redeliberations, conceptual framework redeliberations and IASB research agenda; and Q&As on "translation of foreign currencies" 
China China Tax News: A new look at the annual CIT return package
China China Tax News: New double taxation agreement signed between China and Russia to further enhance cooperation
China Webcast: Taxation rule on QFII / RQFII and the scheme of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect released
China China Tax News: The Last piece of the puzzle - China's taxation rule on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
China China Tax News: The long-awaited withholding tax policies for QFIIs/RQFIIs capital gains released - mixed feelings?
China Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals:  A strategy for growth
China Future of life sciences in China - Opportunities and challenges
China China Tax News: Applause for the new corporate income tax accelerated depreciation policy for fixed assets
Hong Kong Financial Services News: Hong Kong formally signed a Model 2 IGA with the US
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The latest IRD’s views on important tax treaty issues
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The latest IRD’s views on important profits tax issues
Hong Kong Banks - Bring your own device (BYOD) & customer data protection - Are you ready?
Asia Pacific Real estate: Review of investor reporting trends 2014
Asia Pacific Webcast: Update on global mobility - Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia
Asia Pacific Webcast: The future shape of the asset management industry in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights: Indonesia - The standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters

Global The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2015 - Managing cyber risks in an interconnected world
Global Building customer trust - A perspective on service organisation controls reporting options 
Global Paying Taxes 2015
Global Global Technology IPO Review: Q3 2014

Published in Oct 2014
China In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Expected credit losses
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB takes debt versus equity off the table for conceptual debate; IASB holds the line on a single model for leases; Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "service concession arrangements" 
China China Tax News: China's first nationwide tax investigation into dividend payments to overseas investors
China Spotlight on tax controversy: The rise of mutual agreement procedure for resolving tax disputes
China China Tax News: SAT vows to fight tax avoidance in China: 15 unacceptable tax practices identified
China China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone - Implementing trade compliance improvements and attaining cost savings in your supply-chain
China Gut and Gigabytes: China Insights from our Global data & analytics survey 2014
China In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Classification and measurement - Analyses the impact of the new standard
China Practical guide to IFRS - IFRIC 20 "Stripping costs in the production phase of a surface mine" 
Hong Kong Recovery planning - how ready are you?
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: OECD released the first batch of BEPS deliverables
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - India - Recent developments
Asia Pacific Webcast: Singapore: The future of productivity and innovation credit claims and research & development investment
Global Transfer pricing perspectives: Fit for the future
Global ITS News - Edition 21