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Published in Sep 2015
Hong Kong Managing currency risk - What can be done to manage volatility?

Published in Aug 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IFRS 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers" ED; news from the revenue TRG; Cannon Street Press; and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 2 "Inventories" 
China M&A 2015 mid-year review and outlook
China IFRS Manual of Accounting (English with Chinese translation): Insurance contracts and Fair value, Employee benefits and Consolidated financial statements and Joint arrangements
China China Tax News: Will enterprises pay more for pollutant discharge with the Environmental Protection Tax Law?
Hong Kong Recent changes to Hong Kong's immigration policy on talent - the practical aspects

Hong Kong Illustrative condensed consolidated interim financial information for existing IFRS / HKFRS preparers
Asia Pacific Asia insurance review - Regulatory updates in Aug 2015
Asia Pacific Asia-Pacific health industries newsletter - Issue 13
Global ITS News - Edition 30
Global Driving value: 2014 Automotive M&A insights

Published in Jul 2015
China The pilot QDLP programme in Qingdao: RMB funds invest in overseas markets (China Asset Management Tax News Flash) 
China China Tax News: China’s legislative body ratifies the multilateral convention on tax matters
China China Tax News: 15% CIT preferential treatment finally in place in Qianhai
China Introduction of the Pilot QFLP Programme in Qingdao: RMB funds invest in domestic market (China Asset Management Tax News Flash) 
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Segment disclosures to bring more insight on the ‘management view’ and Cannon Street Press 
China China Tax News: Be smart! Check out the benefits of tax treaties on outbound investments along the "One Belt One Road"
China China Tax News: Intra-group outbound payments - local-level tax authorities taking actions
China China Tax News: New challenges for new/high technology enterprises with cross-border royalty payment
China China Tax News: Localisation of BEPS actions is moving ahead in China
China China Tax News: Upgraded tax administration and implementation for corporate restructuring rules
China Webcast: Variable interest entities (VIEs) - Sustainability and restructuring
Hong Kong Profits tax exemption for offshore funds extended to private equity funds - law enacted (Private Equity Tax News Flash)
Asia Pacific Asset management tax highlights - Industry developments from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, and Singapore
Asia Pacific Webcast: Securing your tax and transfer pricing position in a volatile post BEPS world
Asia Pacific Funds passport regimes in Asia Pacific
Global Project Blue 2.0: Redefining financial services
Global Making sense of a complex world - Cloud computing: The impact on revenue recognition
Global The internet of things: The next growth engine for the semiconductor industry
Global Insurance banana skins 2015
Global ITS News - Edition 29
Global Global income tax accounting and reporting developments
Global Insurance 2020 and beyond: Equipping your business for the global tax revolution

Published in Jun 2015
China MoneyTree™ China renewable and cleantech investment report
China Latest developments of tax policies for retail and consumer industry and e-commerce in China
China China Tax News: More efficiency and supervision on claiming tax incentives
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB exposes revised conceptual framework; European regulator's endorsement on IFRS 9 "Financial instruments"; Cannon Street Press; and IFRIC rejections starting with IAS 1 "Presentation of financial statements" 
China Banking newsletter: Analysis of China's Major Listed Banks’ Results for the First Quarter of 2015
China Courting China Inc: Expectations, pitfalls and success factors of Sino-foreign business partnerships in China
China MoneyTree™ China Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Report - Q3 / Q4 2014
China China Tax News: New packages of corporate income tax returns - more flexibility vs. more information disclosure
China China Tax News: More practical for offshore indirect transfer reporting and assessment
China China Tax News: Are you ready for the launch of national tax inspection for year 2015?
China China Tax News: SAT's latest clarification on the CIT treatment for assignment of equity/assets and investment with non-monetary assets
China Modularization: The way to improve product profit under new normal economy
China Product profit management: The key lever of operational effectiveness improvement
China When doctors refuse to see sales representatives: How China's pharmaceutical market responds
China Delivering on O2O: How Chinese retailers can respond to the blurring of online and offline
China In depth - A fresh look at IFRS 8, 'Operating segments'

China In depth - IAS 23: Capitalisation of borrowing costs

China Mainland and Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds (MRF) - A new era for asset management in China and Hong Kong
China In depth: New IFRSs for 2015 - New IFRS standards and interpretations that come into effect for 2015 year ends
China Delivering on O2O: How Chinese retailers can respond to the blurring of online and offline
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Hong Kong is NOT a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction

Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The court’s interpretation of the deeming provisions on taxation of royalties

Asia Pacific Webcast: Myanmar - Update on taxation developments and cash management
Global ITS News - Edition 28
Global Alternative asset management 2020
Global Autofacts Analyst Note - US: The (growing) lap of luxury
Global Autofacts Analyst Note - Europe: When every gram counts
Global fs viewpoint: Tightening up your core - Powering Group insurance through policy administration systems (PAS) modernization
Global Insurance 2020 and beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention
Global Female millennials in financial services: Strategies for a new era of talent
Global Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019 - A single comparable source of five-year forecast and five-year historic consumer and advertiser spending data and commentary, for 13 entertainment and media segments, across 54 countries
Global fs viewpoint: Significant others - How financial firms can manage third party risk
Global The extra mile - Risk, regulatory, and compliance data drive business value

Published in May 2015
China China Tax News: Gradual removal of 'Non-administrative approval items' will bring both convenience and challenges to taxpayers
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB's proposal on deferral of effective date of revenue standard, Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "Zoos and IAS 41" 
China In depth - IFRS 11 Joint arrangements: Implementation issues considered by the IFRS Interpretations Committee

China China Tax News: Hong Kong as the ‘Going Global’ platform for Chinese MNCs
China China Tax News: Local incentives are allowed to be continued until expiry
China China Tax News: SAT released new measures to support the "One Belt One Road"
China In depth - IFRS 10 "Consolidated financial statements" and IFRS 12 "Disclosure of interests in other entities" - Questions and answers
China The People's Republic of China: Tax facts and figures
China China Tax News: Tax payment by instalments - China's new tax policy on investment by individuals with non-monetary assets
China Webcast: Concerns over the sustainability of variable interest entity (VIE) in China?
China China Tax News: Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone (1): Official launch and release of the overall plan
China China Tax News: Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone (1): official launch and overall plan’s observations
China China to open up its import tariff and importation policies for consumer products
China In depth - IFRS 9: General hedge accounting
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Hong Kong as the ‘Going Global’ platform for Chinese MNCs

Hong Kong Changes to Hong Kong immigration policy - implementation details announced

Hong Kong Aviation leasing: Leveraging Hong Kong's strengths
Hong Kong Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report - What are the key changes?
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Tax Notes 2015
Asia Pacific IPO Watch Asia 2014
Asia Pacific Videos - Malaysia issues principal hub incentive guidelines 
Asia Pacific Asia insurance review - Regulatory updates in April 2015
Global Bridging the gap: Aligning the responsible investment interests of Limited Partners and General Partners
Global Needs of institutional investors in the new alternative world
Global Hedge fund administration: The quest for profitable growth
Global Cyber - Think risk, not IT
Global fs viewpoint - Ditch the product pitch: Winning through customer-focused content
Global Consumer Intelligence Series - Customer care evolution: Digital leads the way
Global ITS News - Edition 27

The female millennialA new era of talent Asian Tax and Advisory Webcast Series