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Published in Nov 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Interpretation proposed on foreign currency for advance consideration and IAS 12 "Uncertainty over income tax treatments"; Cannon Street Press and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 10 "Events after the balance sheet date"  
China China Tax News: The State Council issued new guidance to drive start-ups and innovation
China China Tax News: More transparent administrative guidelines for tax treaty benefit claims
China China Tax News: Refining the super-deduction policy for research and development expenses - New opportunities and challenges
China OECD action plan on BEPS: the impact for the Asset Management industry from a China / Hong Kong perspective
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Understanding the IRD's views on emerging corporate tax issues, in particular the practice on processing Hong Kong tax resident certificate applications
Hong Kong Untying the knot: Sharpening strategies for regulatory change
Hong Kong General insurers should not ignore IFRS 4 Phase II
Asia Pacific Asset management tax highlights - Asia Pacific (Jul to Sep 2015)
Global Connected and coordinated: Personalised service delivery for the elderly
Global Global technology IPO review: Q3 2015
Global ITS News - Edition 33

Published in Oct 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: News from the TRG for impairment; IASB proposes deferral of effective date of amendments to IFRS 10 "Consolidated financial statements" and IAS 28 "Investments in associates"; exploring the myths of fair value; a summary of the IASB's recent decisions on insurance contracts; Cannon Street Press; and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 8 "Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors"  
China China Tax News: Challenges to Hong Kong tax residents under the new tax treaty benefit claim procedures in China
China China Tax News: China announced her stance on BEPS and her localisation plans
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Applause for Hong Kong's removal from the EU's blacklist
Hong Kong Consolidated response from the government for implementing AEoI in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Regulations for electronic trading - Are you meeting the expectations?
Hong Kong OECD CRS strategic implementation support
Asia Pacific Webcast - ASEAN Economic Community and Trans Pacific Partnership - Trade on track in Asia?
Asia Pacific Webcast - Tax, regulatory and commercial issues relating to Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Listing
Global 2015 Global digital IQ survey
Global Asset management 2020 and beyond: Transforming your business for a new global tax world
Global ITS News - Edition 32

Published in Sep 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: An analysis of recent ESMA enforcement decisions in relation to IAS 36 "Impairment of Assets"; the impact of negative interest rates; Cannon Street Press; and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 7 "Statement of Cash Flows" 
China The new cybersecurity law: Safeguard the sovereignty of China cyberspace
China MoneyTree™ China Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Report - Q1 / Q2 2015
China China Tax News: China introduces self-assessment mechanism to facilitate tax treaty benefits claims
China China Tax News: China: Local file, master file, special issues file and CbCR required under the discussion draft of revised transfer pricing requirements
China China Tax News: Localisation of BEPS Actions in China - discussion draft of "Implementation Measures of Special Tax Adjustment" released for public consultation
China MoneyTree™ China renewable and cleantech investment report (Q2)
China China entertainment and media outlook: 2015-2019
China China Tax News: Double taxation agreement (DTA) signed to benefit mutual trade and investment between mainland China and Taiwan
China Managing upstream risks in China's food supply chain 
Hong Kong Hong Kong drives to become a corporate treasury hub with new policies and incentives
Hong Kong New regulation on stored value facilities - Are you ready?
Hong Kong Managing currency risk - What can be done to manage volatility?
Asia Pacific Webcast: Asset management and private equity tax update: China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Asia Pacific Webcast: Korea update: Tax reform proposals for 2015 - Implications on foreign-invested companies doing business in Korea
Global Worldwide tax summaries - Corporate taxes 2015/16
Global ITS News - Edition 31
Global All aboard: Delivering the onboarding experience customers demand
Global Money is no object: Understanding the evolving cryptocurrency market
Global Insurance 2020 & beyond: Reaping the dividends of cyber resilience
Global Choosing your course - Corporate taxation of the shipping industry around the globe
Global Global technology IPO review: Q2 2015

Published in Aug 2015
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IFRS 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers" ED; news from the revenue TRG; Cannon Street Press; and IFRIC rejections related to IAS 2 "Inventories" 
China M&A 2015 mid-year review and outlook
China IFRS Manual of Accounting (English with Chinese translation): Insurance contracts and Fair value, Employee benefits and Consolidated financial statements and Joint arrangements
China China Tax News: Will enterprises pay more for pollutant discharge with the Environmental Protection Tax Law?
Hong Kong Recent changes to Hong Kong's immigration policy on talent - the practical aspects

Hong Kong Illustrative condensed consolidated interim financial information for existing IFRS / HKFRS preparers
Asia Pacific Asia insurance review - Regulatory updates in Aug 2015
Asia Pacific Asia-Pacific health industries newsletter - Issue 13
Global ITS News - Edition 30
Global Driving value: 2014 Automotive M&A insights

The female millennialA new era of talent Asian Tax and Advisory Webcast Series