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Published in Nov 2014
China China Tax News: The Last piece of the puzzle - China's taxation rule on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
China China Tax News: The long-awaited withholding tax policies for QFIIs/RQFIIs capital gains released - mixed feelings?
China Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals:  A strategy for growth
China Future of life sciences in China - Opportunities and challenges
China China Tax News: Applause for the new corporate income tax accelerated depreciation policy for fixed assets
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The latest IRD’s views on important tax treaty issues
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: The latest IRD’s views on important profits tax issues
Hong Kong Banks - Bring your own device (BYOD) & customer data protection - Are you ready?
Asia Pacific Real estate: Review of investor reporting trends 2014
Asia Pacific Webcast: Update on global mobility - Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia
Asia Pacific Webcast: The future shape of the asset management industry in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
Global Global Technology IPO Review: Q3 2014

Published in Oct 2014
China In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Expected credit losses
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IASB takes debt versus equity off the table for conceptual debate; IASB holds the line on a single model for leases; Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "service concession arrangements" 
China China Tax News: China's first nationwide tax investigation into dividend payments to overseas investors
China Spotlight on tax controversy: The rise of mutual agreement procedure for resolving tax disputes
China China Tax News: SAT vows to fight tax avoidance in China: 15 unacceptable tax practices identified
China China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone - Implementing trade compliance improvements and attaining cost savings in your supply-chain
China Gut and Gigabytes: China Insights from our Global data & analytics survey 2014
China In depth: IFRS 9 Financial instruments - Classification and measurement - Analyses the impact of the new standard
China Practical guide to IFRS - IFRIC 20 "Stripping costs in the production phase of a surface mine" 
Hong Kong Recovery planning - how ready are you?
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: OECD released the first batch of BEPS deliverables
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - India - Recent developments
Asia Pacific Webcast: Singapore: The future of productivity and innovation credit claims and research & development investment
Global Transfer pricing perspectives: Fit for the future
Global ITS News - Edition 21

Published in Sep 2014
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Alternative performance measures, IFRIC activity, Cannon Street Press and Q&As on "related party" 
China China Tax News: New foreign exchange regulation to facilitate outbound investments and financing through special purpose vehicles
China China Tax News: SAT responds fast to the first batch of BEPS deliverables
China Innovation plus Formula E delivers electric vehicle 'tipping point' by 2020?
China China Tax News: A new round of corporate income tax incentive for China's western region was formally unveiled
China China Tax News: MNC intra-group outbound charges under spotlight of SAT
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: Enhancement of a capital asset for sale does not point to a trading intention, the court held in the Sheng Kung Hui case
Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax News: To align with the global trend - HKSAR Government supports the automatic exchange of information
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - The VAT reform - a wake-up call for the China insurance sector
Asia Pacific Webcast: Korea tax update: Proposed tax revisions for 2014 and impact to foreign-invested companies doing business in Korea, the Korea-Hong Kong tax treaty and more
Asia Pacific Asia-Pacific health industries newsletter
Global Worldwide tax summaries 2014/15
Global Pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector analysis of PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey
Global 17th Annual Global CEO Survey: Key findings in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry
Global Managing innovation in pharma
Global Addendum to State of Compliance 2013 Survey
Global Mobile Innovations Forecast - Making sense of the rapid change in mobile innovation using a three-part framework
Global ITS News - Edition 20
Global Global technology IPO review Q2 2014: Cross border IPOs make a come back

Published in Aug 2014
China The China Greentech Report 2014: Greener, smarter, more productive 
China IFRS / HKFRS News: IFRS 9 "Financial instruments" hitting the streets, Revenue Transition Resource Group starting discussion on IFRS 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers", ESMA’s report on accounting under IFRS 3 "Business combinations", Cannon Street Press on IAS 41 and IAS 16 amendments on bearer plants, and Q&As on "qualitative disclosures for financial risk" 
China M&A 2014 mid year review and outlook 
China Mobile game industry insight 2014 
China Update on new visa policies for MNCs as "RHQ Type Institutions" 
China How to be No.1: Facing future challenges in the automotive industry
China In depth: Revenue recognition standard is final - A comprehensive look at the new model
China China Tax News: Time for Large Business Enterprises to establish a sound internal tax risk control system
China IFRS in brief - IASB issues IFRS 9, 'Financial instruments'
China Auto finance in China: Opportunities in tier three and four cities
China Retail & consumer express - China’s surprising shoppers
China Webcast: China: Transition of business tax to value added tax - Impacts to retail & consumer industry
Hong Kong New revenue recognition standard - Impact to real estate property developers
Hong Kong Factors to determine the source of director’s fees
Asia Pacific Webcast: Myanmar tax updates and recent tax developments in relation to the oil and gas sector
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - Key income tax developments affecting the insurance industry in Australia
Global Finding value for consumer
Global BSS transformations: Five ways to drive success
Global New metrics for a changing industry
Global ITS News - Edition 19

Published in July 2014
China Illustrative condensed consolidated interim financial information for existing IFRS / HKFRS preparers (For the six months ended 30 June 2014)
China IFRS / HKFRS News: Updates on the joint discussion of FASB and IASB on leases exposure draft (ED) over the past few months and Q&As on "perpetual debts"
China China Tax News: New requirement for Chinese TREs to disclose outbound investment information
China The digital vehicle ownership experience - Automotive in China's digital age
China China Customs and Trade News: China Customs new campaign of enterprise self-audit - Are you ready?
China CSRC issued opinions on promoting the innovation and development of the securities investment fund industry
China China Tax News: The certainties and uncertainties brought about by China’s latest tax circular on foreign international transportation companies
China China Tax News: Increasing scrutiny on equity based incentive plans may impact assignees and their employers
China Spotlight on tax controversy: Settling a royalty case with the Customs in China
China China Tax News: More guidance for GAAR implementation under way - China’s discussion draft released for public sounding
China A practical guide to new IFRSs for 2014
Hong Kong Hong Kong signed treaty with another major trading partner, Korea
Hong Kong The IRD issues guidance on taxation of Islamic bonds
Hong Kong The state of customer experience in Hong Kong 2014
Global 2014 Global Automotive Tax Guide
Global Playing for keeps: How insurers can win customers, one at a time
Global Developing infrastructure in Asia Pacific: Outlook, challenges and solutions
Global Global Tax Accounting Services Newsletter
Global North American automotive supplier supply chain performance study
Global Asia Pacific insurance tax highlights - Malaysian transfer pricing landscape - Spotlight on compliance
Global FSTP perspectives: Overview of the latest global transfer pricing developments on the financial services sector
Global The future shape of banking - Time for reformation of banking and banks?
Global How do the latest information reporting requirements impact your non-financial multinational company?
Global Insurance 2020: The digital prize -Taking customer connection to a new level
Global ITS News - Edition 18
Global 17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Automotive industry summary