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Jan 2015       International tax reform may bring higher tax and compliance burden for digital business - China Tax News  
Nov 2014       Global Technology IPO Review: Q3 2014
Nov 2014       Banks - Bring your own device (BYOD) & customer data protection - Are you ready?
Oct 2014       MoneyTree™ China Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Report - Q1 / Q2 2014
Oct 2014       Transfer pricing - technology industry: past, present, and future
Oct 2014       Gut and Gigabytes: China and Asia Pacific insights from our Global data & analytics survey 2014: Decision making in the technology industry
Sep 2014       China's impact on the semiconductor industry - 2014 update
Sep 2014       Mobile Innovations Forecast - Making sense of the rapid change in mobile innovation using a three-part framework
Sep 2014       Global technology IPO review Q2 2014: Cross border IPOs make a come back
Jul 2014       The state of customer experience in Hong Kong 2014
Jul 2014       Business resilience - Respond, adapt, survive and grow
Jun 2014       Revenue recognition: Technology industry supplement - A comprehensive look at the new revenue model
Jun 2014       Revenue recognition - Revenue from Contracts with Customers (IFRS 15 for IFRS and ASC 606 for US GAAP) - Take a closer look at how the new standard impacts the technology industry
May 2014       MoneyTree™ China Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Report - Q3 / Q4 2013
May 2014       Mobile advertising in China - What do Chinese consumers want and how should businesses be engaging with them?
Apr 2014       Clearing the innovation hurdles - How leading TMT businesses overcome barriers to make innovation happen
Mar 2014       PwC global 100 software leaders - The growing importance of apps and services
Jan 2014       Learning from innovation leaders - Winning practices of the most successful Technology, Media, and Telecom innovators
Nov 2013       How the most innovative TMT companies have captured an additional US$45 billion in revenue
Nov 2013       MoneyTree™ China Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Report - Q1 / Q2 2013
Sep 2013       Foreign suppliers dominate as chip use hits new high
May 2013       China: Tax incentives for advanced technology service industries extended to 2018 (China Tax News)
May 2013       Global 100 software leaders report
Apr 2013       China: Software enterprises face new challenges in securing tax incentives (China Tax News)
2012       China's impact on the semiconductor industry: 2012 update

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