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Corporate Responsibility is embedded in the very purpose of our business – building trust in society and solving important problems – and is a tangible demonstration of our values. We are excited about reimagining tomorrow together, today.

Raymund Chao, Asia Pacific and China Chairman

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the urgency of the social and environmental challenges we face. As we start this decade of action to deliver ambitious goals for people and the planet, we must redefine growth and work in new ways to address these challenges.

While we navigate the COVID-19 recovery, PwC remains committed to being a responsible business, working with our people, clients and communities to continue building trust and solving important problems. It is at the heart of what we do.

Through our community investments PwC can share its greatest asset - the skills, knowledge and talent of our people - to help create communities where people and business can thrive. Our approach to sustainability reaches beyond our operations, to influence innovative solutions and sustainable decisions up and down our value chain.

Through the humanity, creativity and vision of our people, and fuelled by our purpose, we will help create a thriving society and a healthy planet for tomorrow.

Our focus areas

Community engagement

Through our community investments we share our greatest asset - the skills, knowledge and talent of our people - to support communities where people and business can thrive. We are doing this through the development of innovative transparency tools for the NGO sector, investing in education and capacity building and through volunteering in our communities. As we move forward, our focus will continue to be on sharing our professional skills to help solve societal challenges in our communities, with a focus on sharing digital, technology and the supporting skills people will need to participate and thrive in the digital world.

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Environmental stewardship

At PwC we respect the environment and are committed to understanding and reducing our impacts. Our approach to environmental management is influenced by our environmental guiding principles. Our focus in recent years has been to grow internal awareness and promote environmentally responsible behaviours as well as tracking and managing our GHG emissions. As we continue to enhance our programme, we are evaluating new ways to address the environmental concerns raised by our stakeholders, including how to minimise our waste and enhancing our energy management.

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Our workplace

Our people are at the heart of our organisation and a fundamental element of our success as a firm. We are committed to attracting the best people to PwC and offering them exciting career and development opportunities so they can achieve their full potential and build a rewarding career, while delivering truly distinctive services to our clients.

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Corporate responsibility governance structure

The CR Committee: The committee comprises PwC China Market Leaders, and leaders for Human Capital and Diversity & Inclusion. The Committee oversees our overall CR strategy and meets regularly to provide guidance on implementing CR policies. It also reviews the progress of CR programmes including the PwC Foundation. The CR Committee reports periodically to the Management and Executive Boards, and is chaired by Elton Huang - Central China Markets Leader and Shanghai Office Lead Partner, Entrepreneurial and Private Business Leader.

PwC Foundation: The Foundation is governed by six partners across PwC China. These PwC Foundation Trustees meet regularly to oversee the Foundation’s strategy, progress, use of funds, and provide regular updates to the CR Committee.

Global Corporate Responsibility Board (GCRB): Comprises leaders from the largest PwC member firms, regional corporate responsibility leaders and sustainability subject matter experts. The Board comes together every quarter to provide governance, oversight, input and direction to PwC’s CR global strategy in alignment with the overall business strategy and to drive alignment across the PwC network.

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Stakeholder engagement

Our stakeholders are identified as any individual or organisation who can or would impact the sustainability of our business. This includes a wide variety of different stakeholders who we engage with through regular and ongoing dialogue as part of our everyday activities, gathering insights and feedback to better understand their needs.

We also conduct comprehensive stakeholder engagement every two years. To supplement the insights gathered previously from our clients, suppliers, NGOs and peak associations, in 2019 we conducted an online survey to understand any key changes to the views of two critical stakeholder groups – our staff and partners, and students.

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Materiality assessment

Our 2019 materiality matrix has been updated to reflect any changes in the importance of sustainability topics to our priority stakeholders. Survey results gathered from staff and students, graduates and prospective employees have been combined with previous feedback from our clients, NGOs, suppliers, media, and regulatory associations and government, to analyse the importance of topics to our stakeholders.

Views gathered from our partners and directors have been used to understand the business perspective, which was then reviewed and validated with senior leadership. 



Priority topics

Through our stakeholder engagement, materiality matrix and desktop research, we identified ten priority sustainability topics for PwC to action:

  • Employee wellbeing, security and safety
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Client and supplier satisfaction
  • Training and development
  • Economic performance
  • Data security
  • Maintaining exceptional ethical standards
  • Climate change
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures


Our updated materiality matrix can be viewed in the FY19 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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Corporate responsibility reports

The Corporate Responsibility report provides an overview of our progress towards our strategy and ambitions. Our report also highlights how our services are having a positive social impact on society.

View our FY19 Corporate Responsibility report / FY18 Corporate Responsibility report.


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