Community engagement


By volunteering our time and leveraging our people's skills and experience we want to bring positive impact to our communities. We are doing this through the development of innovative transparency tools for the NGO sector and investing in education and capacity building and through volunteering in our communities. By 2020 our ambitions are to:

  • Help build a stronger NGO sector in China and Hong Kong.
  • Facilitate having 50% of our people engaged in community activities.

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One Step, One Dream – more than 8,000 PwCers step up to raise funds for a good cause

Find out how our employees raised 380,000RMB to help bring the sporting spirit to underprivileged children in rural China.

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Helping to build public trust in the NGO sector

Since 2013 we’ve been leveraging our people’s skills and expertise to support transparency and good governance in the NGO sector.

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PwC's transparency tool - China's first free self-evaluation system to support transparency in NGOs

This tool helps NGOs assess their disclosures and external communications against industry best practice.

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Investing in skills and education for children and youth – volunteering and contributing to our local communities

Maximising the potential of children and youth through volunteering, capacity building and financial donations.

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Our global commitment

We’re investing in the future and growth of 15 million people, NGOs and social & micro enterprises to help them maximise their potential by FY22.

Jobs are changing, driven by the impact of breakthrough technologies, ranging from artificial intelligence, robotics to augmented reality and blockchain. The rate of change is occurring faster than ever anticipated. What and how we learn needs to transform.

Through our investment in education and skills building - from financial literacy to technical skills and mentoring - we’re helping people to thrive by preparing them for the jobs of the future.

NGOs are trusted to deliver support when and where society needs it most. Working alongside NGOs, we’re helping to build a stronger, more transparent sector.

New technologies are leading to the creation of new business models, especially for startups unencumbered by the infrastructure of the previous century. Using the power of the marketplace to solve society's most urgent issues, social and micro enterprises have the ability to transform systems. We’re sharing our expertise  to empower entrepreneurs to be the disruptors of tomorrow and we’re helping them scale for even more impact. 

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