Closing the skills gap

Improving education in rural China

In line with our global community ambition to invest in the future of individuals to help maximise their potential, PwC is helping to address the inequalities in China’s education sector. In 2018, we identified a new charity partner to scale up our community investment and narrow the skills gap that arises from unequal distribution of education funding.

Adream Foundation is a non-profit organisation focusing on quality education, systematically providing effective products and services for schools, including Adream Center multi-media classrooms, along with a series of 36 courses and in-depth teacher training.

We are working with Adream to help students in rural and underserved communities, developing curriculum and materials that improve educational outcomes. With support from the local government at Midu, Yunnan, we are also building four Adream Center classrooms equipped with tablet computers, books and multimedia learning tools for local students.

The new curriculum PwC helped Adream to develop will benefit tens of thousands of middle school students annually, helping to increase their proficiency in financial literacy. Addressing this critical gap in the current education system will ensure the next generation have the right skills to make sound financial decisions. In FY19, 200 teachers delivered this new course to classes in 97 schools, benefiting over 11,700 students.

In 2019, we also supported Adream through our annual charitable fitness tournament “One Step One Dream.” 6,586 PwC staff and partners contributed 676 million steps, raising more than 400,000 RMB to build four Adream Centers.

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“The curriculum broadened the horizon of our grade 7 students, who found out that money could be managed in so many ways, and spending could be well planned in advance.”


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