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Each year there are about 15,000 to 26,000 young people in Hong Kong who do not have a well-defined career pathway and are looking for support to make the first step into their future.

In general, young people in Hong Kong have a high percentage of further education attainment but limited career advancement pathways. According to statistics from the Education Bureau (2016), around 15,000 to 20,000 students each year struggle to find a desirable career pathway upon graduation from tertiary institutions. Another 5,100 enter the workforce (full time or part time employment) immediately after completing the DSE diploma. Meanwhile, since the implementation of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum, over 1,000 university students drop out from tertiary studies every year because they realise they have made the wrong decisions on academic discipline and would like to revisit their choices to pursue a different path.

Using technology to equalise access to career advice is a one-stop portal and mobile app with supporting offline outreach activities and counselling. It provides personalised career information and guidance services for young people aged between 15 and 29 with limited resources through equalising access to information and social capital.  

This programme intends to enable them to have an aspirational and positive outlook of their future by broadening and enhancing their academic and career horizons. The portal supports young people to make career decisions in light of globalisation, technology disruption and interrelationships between other life domains including individual competencies, aspirations, work-life balance, family and social relationships.

Leveraging digital and social media channels, this programme will engage individuals in a manner relevant to their needs, interests and future trends of the economy - through both online and offline engagements.

PwC’s involvement

PwC's role is to assist portal to focus on serving the academic and career advisory and counselling needs of the participants while complementing existing services made available by other NGOs. We do this by acting as an independent assessor, conducting stakeholder interviews and research to assess the effectiveness of the programme and identifying further improvements in view of the dynamic and changing needs and context of the students.

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