Winnie Tang

Tax    Director

Which university did you go to? What was your major?

I graduated from the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. My major was English for International Trade.


Is PwC your first job? If not, where were you working before?

I am a so-called "PwC baby". PwC is my first job since graduation from university.


To you, how does the ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ apply to working at PwC?

PwC creates a great work environment that drives individual performance and team success. Working at PwC means a professional career that constantly helps people to push their boundaries and reach new limits. At PwC you will always be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and take up challenges, so you will be excited about your continuous improvement and accomplishments.


What do you value most about your experience at PwC?

I love the culture of collaboration in PwC. I always have the chance to work in team and collaborate with talented and diligent people. It is most enjoyable when great teamwork delivers quality services to our clients and win their trust and appreciations.


Can you tell us 2-3 career highlights from your time at PwC?

Over the past years with PwC, I have been working at various types of projects for clients from different industries. The diversity of exposures keeps the work interesting and refreshing.
In recent years I had more and more opportunities to take up marketing initiatives and speak in public events such as seminars and trainings, which is challenging and rewarding.


What would be your top 3 tips for success for applying to PwC?
  • In group tasks, you don't necessarily be a leader, but you should play a constructive and collaborative role in the team and contribute to the team success.
  • For many questions, there is no absolute answer, so it is more important to show your analysing skills and logical thinking as opposed to giving a "correct" answer.
  • Study about PwC and the job you are applying before coming to an interview. It could give your interviewer a nice impression that you are well prepared and you value the opportunity to work with PwC."

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