Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019: China Report

Back to the core: Reinvigorate experience-driven retail at a time of uncertainty

In last year’s report, China's next retail disruption: End-to-end value chain digitisation, we examined the development of “new retail” and discussed on how the retail value chain is being transformed by digitisation. This year, our newly released Global Consumer Insights Survey (GCIS) has shed lights on the emerging significance of customer experience. Taking the global insights with a local spin, our China report expanded the new retail narrative with a focus on customer experience in today’s technology-empowered world. We look at the current customer experience trends and how they are supported by the organisations implementing them, and what needs to be changed to make both customer experience and employee experience part of their winning strategy.


This report draws on the insights of Chinese consumers from our quantitative study of the Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019, which covers 21,000 consumers in 27 territories across 6 continents in the world. It offers an insightful deep-dive, backed by proprietary data, into some of the best practices of industry participants in their journey to compete and thrive in the era of experience-driven retail, particularly at a time of uncertainty.

Key insights

Market forces redefining new retail

Rediscover new opportunities in experience-driven retail

Let ROX be part of your winning strategy

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