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Humans and Robots

Creating an intelligent and responsible environment for the effective co-existence of humans and robots

US$15.7 trillion—that’s the global economic growth that AI will provide by 2030, according to PwC research. Robots will play a critical role throughout the modern workforce. Robots will be transformative not only for many workers but also senior executives. The Humans and Robots series answers questions on the minds of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CHROs, CIOs, CDOs, CTOs for leading a hybrid workforce of people and robots:

  • How the executives in an organisation will manage their changing workforce, including the changes in their own roles.
  • The benefits and risks of a developing then managing an integrated, hybrid workforce.
  • How to cultivate and recruit professionals with the skills required for automation and robotics.
  • The new responsibility an organisation has to its employees within this debate.

How AI will transform the CFO’s role

With smarter automation taking over rote tasks and AI improving analytics, finance leaders can become powerful strategic advisers

CFOs are uniquely positioned to lead a broader organisational shift into digitisation. They have insight into all business units and can help leaders from every area of the organisation understand the why of finance data, not just the what – ultimately leading to smarter business decisions throughout the enterprise. Here’s how CFOs can lead this change:

  • Set targets for outcomes and benefits
  • Directly involve frontline employees
  • Define your areas of focus across people, processes and performance
  • Put a governance structure in place, both for data and AI overall
  • Prepare the workforce

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The challenge is to understand the interactions between people and technology, and create a strategy for how the two can come together. The sheer scope of change can be overwhelming. But CEOs can begin to develop this vision by focusing on five areas:

  • Discover the possibilities
  • Envision an AI-enabled future
  • Establish a process to deploy AI
  • Prepare your people to work differently
  • Determine your stance on AI ethics

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How CEOs can tap AI’s full potential

Successfully augmenting human expertise with artificial intelligence and other smart technologies starts with the person at the top


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