Cybersecurity and data privacy

Confidence in your digital future is essential to the growth of your organisation. How can you stay aware of your cybersecurity and data privacy risks while embracing opportunities for growth?


Building confidence in your digital future

Organisations exist in an increasingly complex and inter-connected digital ecosystem. We share information and transact digitally more than ever before. Your digital relationships with customers, suppliers and others expose you to new areas of risk that need to be managed. You need to know who has information to what data, in order to balance security with access to critical systems; poor access governance and controls can damage your reputation.

Cybersecurity and data privacy attacks are increasingly commonplace. It’s a question of when, not if, you will be breached. Understanding that you will be breached at some point will help you prepare for the worst. Being aware of and prepared for threats will help you prevent incidents and react to them quickly enough to reduce their impact and prevent them becoming a crisis. 


Is your organisation ready to comply with the China Cybersecurity Law?

Effective on 1 June 2017, China's Cybersecurity Law defines the scope of critical infrastructure, and sets the foundations for enforcing penalities on organisations and individuals, both within China and overseas, who attack or break into the country's critical infrastructure. The law puts more emphasis on personal information security, cybercrime, network product and service security, obligations of network operators, and sovereignty rights in the cyberspace.

Compliance with the new law has presented a range of new challenges for both businesses and individuals. In order to protect the rights of all stakeholders, it will be essential to ensure appropriate network operations, encourage network innovation, identify security risks and comply with regulation requirements. 

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How organisations are adopting innovative safeguards to manage threats and achieve competitive advantages in a digital era

Organisations face evolving opportunities and threats. More companies are taking steps to develop their information technology security systems in response to the real and rising threat of cyber risks. In The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017, about a third of respondents from mainland China and Hong Kong registered a specific intention to invest in advanced security technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Successful security over the longer-term depends on scaling up security programs, and integrating developments that evolve to mitigate the rise in scale and sophistication of cybersecurity threats. 

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