Next-Gen SecOps - Managed security services

July 2021

Pain points of traditional managed security services (MSS)

As business digitisation opens up opportunities to companies, they also being new digital vulnerabilities at the same time. Hence, the implementation of a holistic programme of effective cybersecurity and privacy measures is more important than ever, including having advanced security monitoring capabilities. Traditional managed security services (MSS) that focus on perimeter security with many blind spots not being covered, monitoring of individual technologies and application systems, etc., may not be relevant and effective anymore in a digital-enabled business world. Summarised on the right hand side are some of the common pain points and constraints we have seen in traditional managed security monitoring services.

PwC’s next-gen managed security services

We offer a unique combination of on-premise and centrally coordinated capabilities designed to free your IT and security teams to focus on improving your business security posture.

  • Ability to integrate with your services and increase your effectiveness and efficiency in facing the ever evolving threat landscape
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management by a professional security operation centre team
  • Leverage our experience to bridge the security gaps in your existing security services
  • Optimise cybersecurity resources
  • Global knowledge and experience. Regional regulatory support. Local presence
  • Integration into a global threat profile with collaboration and communication across
    PwC networks

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