Emergence of stable value coins and a trust framework for fiat-backed versions

Jan 2019

The study is focused on the current state of stablecoins, their uses and usefulness, and their potential impact on the cryptocurrency and adjacent industries in a regulatory context. 

Stablecoins may be the first blockchain “product” with mass appeal and utility. We believe we will see continued adoption and competition in 2019. For fiatcoins, the business case for issuers is often strong, allowing for user aggregation, ancillary product (exchange, wallet) synergies, and potentially productive use of custodied assets.

Money, as a social technology, is predicated on confidence and coordination. We believe companies with strong user bases and goodwill may stand to benefit by issuing their own stablecoin to facilitate on-platform transactions. More than anything, we expect continued experimentation, with the ultimate benefit of familiarising users with blockchain and a tokenised economy. 

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