PwC launches Beijing Innovation Centre

Upgrade services for start-ups to better support Beijing of being a global innovation hub

Beijing, 18 May 2017 – PwC China today announced the launch of its Beijing Innovation Centre located in Haidian District. The Beijing Innovation Centre is designed to create an innovative ecosystem platform for start-ups, to drive the technology, funding and resource sharing from leading industry enterprises, through corporations with international and domestic innovation incubators, and PwC’s comprehensive service from strategy to operation. This is another essential measure for PwC on innovation, following Shanghai Innovation Centre and the China Centre of Excellence in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

Raymund Chao, PwC Greater China Chairman and CEO, said, “The Innovation Centre is an important step in PwC’s journey of continuous innovation and development. The establishment of the Beijing Innovation Centre will further optimise our service offerings in North China market. While helping enterprises to realise business successes through innovative technology, the Beijing Innovation Centre will also help Beijing develop into a technology-driven innovation hub with global connectivity, fulfilling PwC’s Purpose -- “Building trust in society and solving important problems.”

Haidian district is playing an indispensable role in the process of establishing Beijing as a National Science and Technology Innovation Centre. Situated in Haidian district, Zhongguancun is already the leading innovation benchmark for the country and comparable to Silicon Valley. Since the establishment of PwC Haidian office in 2011, PwC has worked closely with enterprises and organizations in Haidian District and Zhongguancun. By leveraging its global network and resource advantages, PwC has been offering customized services to a variety of enterprises, the small to medium size hi-tech enterprises in particular.

“Beijing has been positioned as a centre for science and technological innovation. As the capital of China, Beijing has the foundation, conditions and responsibility to execute the strategy of innovation-driven development. ” Frank Lyn, PwC China and Hong Kong Markets leader said, “We sincerely hope the Beijing innovation centre could further strengthen our services and add to the vitality for Beijing, Haidian and Zhongguancun innovation and development.”

In line with the upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship and PwC’s regular financial advisory services for small and medium enterprises, PwC Beijing Innovation Centre will provide the latest research and insights on big data analysis, tax technology and risk assessment for start-up companies in their rapid development period. For technology-innovated start-ups, PwC is ready to offer customized innovative application platforms and a full range of strategic solutions. The Beijing Innovation Centre is also designed to host a variety of projects and events for clients, as well as to provide venues for seminars and trainings.

“The Beijing Innovation Centre focuses on three functions: Innovation, Research and Education.” says Elton Yeung, PwC Greater China Strategy and Innovation Service Leader. “It will form a closely connected network together with the China Centre of Excellence in Qianhai, Shenzhen and Shanghai Innovation Centre, covering China south, central and north markets. With this network of centres, we will be able to centralise, incubate and share PwC’s most innovative solutions, newest technologies and latest insights, both externally for our clients and internally for our people.”

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