Compliance management solution

What are the issues? 

Nowadays, a company may suffer as a result of its failure to comply with relevant laws, regulations, principles and rules, standards and codes of conduct applicable to its activities, in letter and in spirit.

So what should we do to prevent the suffering? Embedding compliance into both strategy and everyday operations begins with effectively establishing the tone at the top, assessing compliance and ethics risks in collaboration with other risk functions and building the governance and oversight structure that provides a high level of confidence over regulatory matters. These are your fundamental starting point, during which, you may encounter below problems:

  • How to set the tone at the top consistent with your risk appetite and business practice?
  • How to define roles and responsibilities of various functions?
  • How to establish compliance KPI measurement mechanism and evaluate employee KPI?
  • How to conduct effective compliance, integrity management and monitoring during the business cooperation and identify potential compliance risks?
  • How to monitor the subsidiaries and affiliates’ compliance work when using a centralised control system?

How we can help

We can help you by:

  • providing a complete compliance assessment based on PwC’s long-proven framework and risk assessment methodology;
  • providing a process improvement advisory in response to the compliance assessment results;
  • executing compliance audit and gap analysis to find out major gaps in organisation;
  • sharing insight in recommendations for identified gaps and assisting to re-design and implement policies for key processes;
  • developing compliance management system to ensure your controls work to support local governance and reporting needs; and
  • delivering compliance training to management and staff to effectively raise people’s awareness of compliance.

How we have added value for our clients

  • Assisted management in identifying, measuring and mitigating compliance related risks in view of the Company’s risk appetite;
  • Assisted to establish a sustainable and effective compliance system to run client’s own risk processes and improve their level of risk control;
  • Provided the senior management with in-depth knowledge of the Company’s compliance mechanism and enhanced the communication between various affiliates;
  • Shared compliance management system best practices of related industry;
  • Acted as an insight generator to provide proactive suggestions on profound risk management & improvement; and
  • Enhanced Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) framework and designed compliance program.

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