Maintaining business continuity while working remotely

May 2020

A hybrid of remote and in-office work has become our new reality. As video conferencing becomes commonplace, we have each found spots in our homes and in the office with good lighting, and maybe even upgraded the Wi-Fi to support the many virtual calls we each have with colleagues and friends alike. Slowly but surely, new virtual tools have become common language, and with practice, our frustrations and impatience with these tools have started to subside.

This way of working has its own challenges. We have stepped into a world of new stressors and pressures brought about by the onset of virtual. Some of us are starting to experience video conference fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety, all mixed in with the further blur between work-life and home-life. Aspects of our lives which use to be separate are now taking place in the same physical space.

It is therefore more important than ever to equip ourselves with the right skills to navigate and avoid these stressors.

Here are three easy ways for you to thrive in the virtual world of working and forge ahead.


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