New trends of technology enabling To-B services

July 2018

With the continuous development of information technology, the space for innovation in China’s mobile internet for the consumer-side (C-side) is shrinking. Business models are showing a trend in innovation from C-side to business-side (B-side). Thus, how technology can better serve the B-side has become the focus of attention.

Based on the research of current emerging technologies application in the market, PwC drafted this white paper in order to explore future development trends of China’s internet companies. PwC believes that the next wave of internet development in China will take place on the B-side. Technology companies that enable the B-side to better serve the C-side (T2B2C) will become mainstream business models.

PwC has summarised the three main trends of technology enabling To-B service: popularisation, deepening and ecologicalisation. We expect the technology penetration rate in the market to gradually increase in the next decade, and emerging technologies such as iABCD (Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data) will become important technology tools to enable the B-side. While looking at Chinese technology companies’ innovations in T2B2C, we believe the degree of technology development and technology companies’ service capabilities will be the decisive factor to compete internationally.

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