PwC China named most innovative consulting firm at China Automobile & Parts Industry Developing & Innovation Awards 2018

PwC China was named as the most innovative consulting firm by China Automobile & Parts magazine at the China Automobile & Parts Industry Developing & Innovation Awards 2018. The firm’s consulting team was recognised for providing clients with a holistic transformation and strategic advice on digitalised solutions and producing electric, intelligent and shared automotives.

Innovation is invaluable to the development of the automotive industry. The emergence of autonomous driving, intelligent networks, electric vehicles and ride sharing in recent years is leading to revolutionary changes to both our driving experience as well as lifestyle. Automotive companies and original equipment manufacturers’ commitment to innovation and technological breakthroughs have made all of these possible, creating a brand new ecosystem of stakeholders in the industry in the process.

PwC is committed to providing impactful consultation services to the automotive industry. In recent years, we have helped our clients seize new growth opportunities through digitalisation, automation, intelligent solutions and sharing. We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our clients, from strategy through to execution, technology enablement to user experience, as well as improving sales cycle, from pre- to post-sales.

The automotive industry is facing unprecedented changes that will have a profound impact on both the sector and its customers. At the same time, factors such as air pollution and changing travel patterns will continue to foster further changes in the industry. The car of the future will be electrical, autonomous, connected and continuously upgraded. Vehicles will become increasingly environmentally friendly and be more fully utilised through ride sharing. Consequently, our own mobility will evolve and become more flexible and personalised. Our consulting team works closely with different stakeholders in rethinking the development of the entire industry – by focusing on usage rather than production, and ultimately making the experience more enjoyable, efficient and safe.

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