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PwC & SuperELLE: The Nation of youth 2021 - Cultural insight and business impact report

November 2021

During the past few years, we have witnessed and deeply experienced the changes that have been brought about by the youth in all aspects including the field of consumption, technology, culture etc. We have observed that an increasing number of investors have begun to pay attention to and value the aesthetics needs, demands and attitudes of young people, and consider those factors as important references for their investment decisions.

We have seen that more and more brands which are targeting the youth generation have stood out in the capital market, writing their own histories miracles. In this scenario, PwC launched the “Brand Power Programme” in the consumer goods and retail sector in 2021.

To leverage our  in-depth understanding and knowledge of the global consumer markets, we aim to offer one-stop solutions for brands and service providers to enhance brand power by fully combining the latest and youngest solutions available and integrating high quality industry resources.

“The Nation of Youth 2021 Cultural Insight and Business” integrates resources and capabilities of PwC's "Brand Power Programme" with SuperELLE’s senses into culture, fashion and consumption. The Report portrays Chinese young generation’s as diversified, open-minded, and confident, reflecting their own attitudes.

Looking forward, we are full of confidence in the development of China's youth. We firmly believe that China's youth belongs to the world, who will disrupt, change, create, assist the world invincibly.

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