PwC COVID-19 Private Sector Group (CPSG): Disclaimers and confidentiality statements

  1. Amid the huge business challenges and needs of crises management as posed by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, we,  PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited (“PwC”), have taken the initiative to  launch the COVID-19 Private Sector Group (“CPSG”), so as to build up this non-profit platform to facilitate the joint efforts of our global member companies to come up  with measures in regular sessions and discussions. The membership is complimentary for companies interested in joining the CPSG after its voluntary enrolment and upon the approval by the CPSG.
  2. Where there is a general consensus that a proposal merits the attention of, or support from the governments and regulators, PwC will submit such proposals to the relevant authorities, and will also coordinate necessary communications between member companies and relevant organizations.
  3. PwC, the CPSG and its members will keep the names of companies and individuals as referred to in specific cases during sessions confidential. PwC reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member company who has violated this provision.
  4. Organisation, coordination and arrangement of sessions and events for the CPSG by PwC, member firms of PwC network, partners and staff shall not be considered the provision of financial, accounting, tax, legal services or other professional services; the information or opinion offered therein by PwC, member firms of PwC network, partners and staff shall not be a substitute for professional advice from financial, tax, accounting consultants, legal advisers or other professional advisers; PwC, member firms of PwC network, partners and staff disclaim all liabilities towards any companies or individuals for decisions and acts based on the information or advice provided for the purpose of the CPSG or sessions thereof, and any consequences arising in connection with such decisions or acts.