Risk management

Do you have a 360 degree / integrated view of your enterprise-wide risks?

Assessing and managing enterprise risks has become a primary concern for CEOs, audit committees, and other stakeholders, and sits close to the top of the board agenda in many companies. 

Making a business risk-resilient creates an environment where you have the confidence to make decisions based on a solid foundation of good risk management. Introducing an enterprise-risk management process increases the strategic value of an organisation. 

How we have added value for our clients

  • Associated business values with an integrated and meaningful risk management programme;
  • Provided a platform for engaging stakeholders in dialogues to promote a risk aware culture;
  • Assisted the integration of risk management programmes with internal controls frameworks; and
  • Improved decision-making processes by taking account of risk.

How can we help?  

At PwC, we can help you develop processes to identify and manage the key risks in your organisation in a structured way by:
  • Helping establish strong risk governance in all areas;
  • Providing support in developing methodologies, policies and procedures to help run your own risk processes; and
  • Supporting / coaching your risk committees (at management or board levels) including developing their terms of reference.
PwC can also provide specialist help in the following ways:
  • Running risk workshops using the latest technology;
  • Interviewing your staff in order to develop a company's risk register;
  • Developing Key Risk Indicators (KRI's), and risk tolerance statements for Business Units;
  • Developing your risk appetite statement;
  • Advising you on ways to get more value from your existing ERM process; and
  • Injecting challenge into decision-making as part of making risk appetite real.

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