The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017

Nov 2016 

Nowadays, organisations face evolving opportunities and threats, more companies are taking steps to develop their information technology security systems in response to the real and rising threat of cyber risks. About 1/3 of respondents from mainland China and Hong Kong registered a specific intention to invest in advanced security technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies.

Successful security over the longer-term depends on scaling up security programs, and integrating developments that evolve to mitigate the rise in scale and sophistication of cybersecurity threats. 

Through the report, we found in China / Hong Kong:

The average number of detected security incidents by survey respondents in mainland China and Hong Kong reached 2,577 in 2016, marking a 969% increase from 2014, and more than double the average recorded for 2015.

49% of respondents from mainland China and Hong Kong cited phishing as the top vector for cybersecurity issues over the last year, while business email formed the biggest impact of incidents for the period. 

As the Internet of Things is growing, China/Hong Kong respondents beginning to update their cybersecurity safeguards, with 57% respondents investing in a security strategy for the Internet of Things, while global figure is 46%. 

Concurrently, both managed security services and open-source software are increasingly used to enhance cybersecurity, with 75% of respondents from mainland China and Hong Kong documenting that they employ open-source software, compared to 53% of respondents globally. 

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