Tax function of the future - The tax professional of the future

Staying relevant in changing times

It often has been said that people are an organisation’s greatest assets. With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, will that continue to be the case? Will there be a need for a Tax professional in the future? We believe that there will indeed continue to be a role for Tax in the foreseeable future - but how will the Tax professional adapt to working with new technologies? The business and tax environment is becoming increasingly complex with global implications. How will Tax work across functions and geographies to understand the business and solve the organisation’s problems? 

This publication focuses on the Tax professional, including skills that the Tax function will need to cope with the increasing complexity described in our predictions and addressed in prior publications. We explore evolving sources of talent and the role that academia and Tax leadership will play in recruiting, developing and motivating Tax professionals for the challenges that exist now and will exist in the future. 

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