Sustainable change - Value Chain Transformation

What is Value Chain Transformation ("VCT")?

VCT refers to the many business changes associated with modifying a company's value chain. PwC's VCT network offers an integrated portfolio of advisory, tax and legal services deployed to support organisations to jointly align and optimise their business, tax and legal operating models to deliver sustainable financial benefits both above and below the line during VCT changes.

Optimising your infrastructure processes and systems to deliver competitive customer service can be a major challenge - especially when so many parameters, from technology to labour mobility to legislation, are in such flux. VCT projects are driven by the alignment of strategic, operational and financial needs and we seek to help our clients improve business models while relocating or redesigning activities: hence our goal is "lift, shift and improve".

Benefits to multinational corporations

  • Improvement in competitiveness; drives operational improvements;
  • Aligns financial, tax, transfer pricing and operational benefits; and
  • Minimal disruption to commercial and operational activity; implementation expertly managed.


Example projects

  • European industrial engineering company, implementing an Asia structure;
  • Electronic industry manufacturer, implementing a Global structure;
  • Global retailer implementing structure for Asia / China procurement;
  • US apparel manufacturer restructuring towards Regional structure based in Hong Kong;
  • US healthcare industry manufacturer, implementing an Asia structure;
  • US industrial goods manufacturer, designing an Asia structure;
  • European electronics manufacturers, designing a China structure; and
  • European industrial goods manufacturer, designing a China structure.

How we can help

We are a leading provider of VCT services in China and in Asia Pacific, with dedicated specialists locating in countries throughout the region. This Asia-wide presence allows us to leverage existing capabilities to support our clients where they are undertaking business change.

Our multi-disciplinary team uniquely integrates inputs from a full complement of specialists - our professionals cover finance, operations and IT, trade and customs, tax and transfer pricing, as well as project and change management disciplines.

In short, a value chain transformed business delivers optimised operational performance and establishes a robust base for efficient growth in Asia.

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