Webcast - Regional employment tax: Improving the platform to compliance (Series 2)

21 September 2017 (Thurs)
This webcast will be available until 20 September 2018


According to PwC paying taxes 2017 report, global tax authorities have been collecting as much revenue from companies on employment taxes as from profit taxes since 2012. In an Australian Parliamentary Budget Office's report, employment taxes are expected to surge in the next 10 years compared to profit taxes. Whilst greater reliance is placed on employment taxes, the tax authorities are introducing various legislation change and payroll focused tax audits and initiatives. Often, the by product is growing responsibilities being placed on employers for collection of the employment taxes.

While there has been a withholding obligation for departing employees in Hong Kong; the strengthening employers’ obligation in year-end tax reconciliation in Japan; the newly launched initiative "Single Touch Payroll" in Australia; and the revised tax audit framework in Malaysia, being a key player in this changing landscape, are you keeping pace with the developments in the countries that you are operating? Are you able to remain resilient with the ever-increasing scrutiny and stay competitive in your compensation strategies?

Join the regional employment tax specialists from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia to hear about the current tax administrative environment as well as country specific discussions on recent developments, common pitfalls and opportunities among the employers on our regional employment tax webcast: Improving the platform to compliance (Series 2).

Need some reference on employment taxes development around the globe? Please find our global employment taxes newsletter as a food for thought.


This is a 1 hour webcast including live Q&A session.

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Rohan Geddes, Global Employment Tax and Payroll Lead
Rebecca Lai, Partner, PwC China
Greg Kent, Partner, PwC Australia
Ichiro Kawakami, Partner, PwC Japan
Theresa Chan, Partner, PwC Hong Kong
Hilda Liow, Director, PwC Malaysia


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