Webcast: New measures for special tax investigation adjustments and mutual agreement procedure released - How does your company survive amidst the anti-avoidance investigation in China?

27 April 2017  (Thurs)
This webcast will be available until 26 April 2018


The SAT issued the Public Notice of the State Administration of Taxation Regarding the Release of the “Administration Measures of Special Tax Investigation Adjustments and Mutual Agreement Procedures” (SAT Public Notice [2017] No.6). The Public Notice 6 provides rules of risk management, investigation and adjustment, administrative review and mutual agreement procedures regarding the special tax adjustment and other relevant issues.

It supersedes the relevant provisions in Implementation Measures of Special Tax Adjustments (Trial Version) (Guo Shui Fa [2009] No.2) and certain other regulations.

Public Notice 6 highlights tax authorities' emphasis on strengthening the monitoring of enterprises' profit levels, and improving enterprises' compliance with the tax laws through special tax adjustment monitoring and administration as well as special tax investigation adjustments. It also reinforces the transfer pricing administration on intercompany intangibles and services transactions, and provides certain methods and principles for investigations and adjustments. Taxpayers are advised to review and adjust, if necessary, their transfer pricing policies on such transactions to ensure compliance with the new rules.

PwC transfer pricing experts shared the salient points of the SAT Public Notice [2017] No.6, considered the likely impact on the Chinese enterprises with cross-border related party transactions, and discussed with you how to better manage the transfer pricing investigation and mutual agreement procedure in China.


This is a 1 hour webcast including live Q&A session.

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Qisheng Yu, Partner, PwC China
Paul Tang, Partner, PwC China


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