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As China's economy continues to develop at a rapid pace, infrastructure investment has also been growing rapidly, and its investment entities have been diversifying. Increasing investment efficiencies while tightening cost controls of construction projects have become an imminent concern for all market players. Cost control is a core link in construction projects, as it affects all key management phases of the whole construction process from obtaining government approval, capability statement preparation, budget management, design management, project bidding and tendering, contract management, follow-up audit, capital payments to final accounts audit. Strengthening cost control is an important way to effectively monitor construction projects, while cost engineering services plays an important role in controlling project costs. 

PwC is committed to helping clients control their investment risks and meeting construction budgets by providing them with project cost control services throughout the whole course of their construction projects. We have a core experienced team of certified public accountants and registered cost engineers who specialise in providing cost engineering services over the entire course of construction projects. Our professional team also provides cost engineering consulting services for mergers and acquisitions, and investment project assessment. 

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