Let's change the way we see risk

Risk isn't about responding to change. It's about changing the way we see. Shifting our perspective. Considering different angles. To anticipate, be agile and build resilience.

Strong risk and resilience capabilities can be the difference between those that thrive and those that fight to survive.

The interconnectedness and velocity of risks has increased in recent years, and it now takes different approaches to see them, and the entire organisation to address them. In becoming more proactive in preparing and adapting to risks, you can become more resilient. With the right insight, you can mitigate and prepare for whatever change is ahead. Disruption will always exist. But through building resilience, you’ll have a strategic advantage and be better placed to respond to disruption in a seamless, coordinated and efficient manner.

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Mainland China and Hong Kong four focused areas

Managing resilience from risk perspective

With the gradual phasing out of the Covid-19 pandemic controls in all major territories, China's reopening after a three-year period has bolstered business confidence. However, to achieve mid to long-term sustainability in today's complex and ever-changing risk environment, organisations should manage resilience from risk perspective by enhancing regulatory compliance, strengthening collaboration, and encouraging innovation.

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Global risk and compliance for Chinese companies

As organisations grapple with urgent challenges around an increasingly volatile environment and regulatory scrutiny, and rising uncertainty of geopolitical events, in order to avoid vital operational and compliance failures, Chinese companies have to think about and implement a resilient compliance system from a global standpoint.

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Integrated managed services solution

In the age of a polycrisis world, most corporate executives have increased their focus on governance, compliance, and digital risks.The development of integrated solutions (including the digital solution middle data platform) helps to enhance silo-busting collaboration, and make a commitment to share and better define risk responsibilities across the organisation.​

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Interconnected risk management

Corporate C-suite executives are facing interrelated geopolitical, cyber security, supply chain, and compliance risks. All these risks are increasingly interconnected, popping up simultaneously in places where organisations might not have the established operation and accountability to manage. To respond, executives have to make trust a pillar of their risk management approach to see risk where it really lurks.

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Hear from the local leadership 

PwC platforms bring our vision of building trust and solving important problems to life, by delivering end-to-end solutions to manage resilience and capture the golden opportunities and growth.

Thomas Leung, Managing Partner - Markets, PwC China

It is a good time to look strategically at the risk and resilience capability and take a holistic approach to risk management.

Jennifer Ho, Asia Pacific Risk Services Leader, Mainland China and Hong Kong Digital Trust & Risk Leader, PwC Hong Kong

Start with what matters most and bring diverse thinkers together, and by leveraging advanced technology, organisations are able to anticipate risk and act with confidence, and manage risks with high reliability and efficiency, which helping them to build trust in the eco-system and enhance resilience in the disrupting world.

Jasper Xu, Mainland China and Hong Kong Digital Trust & Risk Markets Leader, China Central Digital Trust & Risk Leader, PwC China

It is critical to enhance silo-busting collaboration across the organization to secure the trust needed in today’s digital world

Kenny Hui, Governance, Risk & Controls Services Leader, PwC China

How we can help

We bring together teams of experts including PwC professionals, tech alliance partners, third-party data owners and clients. We actively work with you to make sense of data from multiple sources, internal and external, to identify meaningful risk signals and to form actionable, real-time risk intelligence. In doing so, we help you become more agile and resilient, better able to anticipate threats and take advantage of opportunity. Helping you build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

A community of solvers. Identifying real-time signals. Creating a panoramic view of your unique risk landscape. Let’s change how we see risk.

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Thomas Leung

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Jennifer Ho

Jennifer Ho

Asia Pacific Risk Services Leader, Mainland China and Hong Kong Digital Trust & Risk Leader, PwC Hong Kong

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Jasper Xu

Jasper Xu

Mainland China and Hong Kong Digital Trust & Risk Markets Leader, China Central Digital Trust & Risk Leader, PwC China

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Kenny Hui

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