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As a corporate or a private equity portfolio company, achieving transformational value through M&A is a challenging endeavour. We help clients to design and deliver value capture at the pre and post deal stage. Accelerating your integration process to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

Creating value beyond the deal

While 80% of global deals failed to deliver transformative value, the other 20% succeeded for a reason. Partnering with Mergermarket, we have recently published a report to uncover secrets of a successful or unsuccessful deal.

Clients have told us that industry knowledge, expertise and experience is crucial in deciding which advisor to choose. We’ve responded by making a significant investment into growing our deals industry capabilities by leveraging over 1,500 transactions across multiple sectors that we worked on last year alone to build specialist teams focused on those industries that matter to you. Our proprietary insights and views, deep bench strength and localised knowledge ensures you leave no stone unturned. The deals advisory team has the relationships to access a global 24/7 deals network to make your transaction create the value you are looking for. 

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In 2023, our team won multiple M&A awards, including the Best M&A Financial Service Award and Best M&A Advisor Award presented by the China Merger & Acquisition Association.

We are committed to help our clients to capture lasting value in deals. We work with strategic and financial investors to raise capital and complete acquisitions, divestitures and strategic alliances/joint ventures.

Find out more about our Value Creation approach in deals.

The Deals Advisory Team is here to support you on any transaction, with hundreds of years’ worth of deal experience we can help you to see the unseen and create new value.

Our team can advise you through each stage of the deal:

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  • Strategic options and market assessment

  • Corporate finance and lead advisory
    • With the support of the PwC global network, PwC China provides boutique investment banking services and focuses on M&A and financing deals in medium-sized markets to create value through in-depth industry knowledge.

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  • Valuation & modelling
    • We help you understand what your business, shares or assets are worth in the context of your transaction, strategic decision making, financial reporting, dispute, tax planning or group restructure.

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  • M&A tax and structuring
    • We are your tax advisor in the deal process and help you to identify tax risks, explore tax planning schemes, and design solutions.

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  • Due diligence
    • We can bring you, our client, a combination of financial, commercial and operational insight to every deal

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  • M&A integration and value creation

    • We help you achieve rapid integrations that fully realise desired synergies and allow you to return to a "business as usual" environment as quickly as possible after a deal.

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  • Disputes and claims

    • We work closely with clients to establish the facts, analyse issues and develop tailored dispute resolution strategies fit for their situations.

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  • Restructuring and Insolvency 

    • The vast majority of distressed and special situations that we have been involved in have been resolved amicably, to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We believe that in most cases formal insolvency procedures can be avoided, leading to greater preservation of value for all.

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  • Strategic review
    The decision of where to play and how to win is key when determining the potential for your business. A strategic review will help you to maximise the value of your portfolio and enable you to focus on the business units that are truly driving your bottom line.

  • Readiness assessment
    A divestment introduces a level of perceived complexity that should be carefully considered. Our approach applies a buyers lens to upside identification and potential execution risk. We will work alongside you to define a process with optionality and make an assessment of your divestment preparedness

  • Preparing for exit
    There are several key questions that you have to ask in preparing to exit, such as: how do I model the business as stand alone and prepare the financials to reflect the perimeter? What transitional agreements do I need? What contracts, legal entities and IP would be affected? What will it cost and who will bear that cost?

  • Transaction execution
    In today’s uncertain economic environment, shareholders are demanding and often unforgiving. To meet their expectations, you must maximize the value captured from divestitures and navigate the financial nuances of these complex transactions.

  • Post deal
    At completion, the benefits and value that the deal was designed to deliver need to be realised. With this in mind, some key questions to consider are: How will the business mitigate stranded costs? How do I begin to exit TSAs and transition to a standalone model?



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