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The digital era in China presents endless challenges and opportunities. Emerging technologies and shifting consumer sentiments are changing industries and affecting the way we work and do business.

We are committed to helping you put ‘digital’ at the heart of it. With our local expertise and global experience, we can work with you to innovate and implement solutions that ultimately bring tangible financial results to your organisation… 

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Creating an edge by delivering insight to action. The volume and variety of data is rapidly increasing as customer interactions and business complexity evolves providing an opportunity for data-driven organisations to formulate and adopt a comprehensive evidence-based strategy, combined with the execution support to deliver results.

We work with you to unlock new sources of value or manage risks by using data, tools, analytics, complex modelling, data visualisation, simulation, economics, optimisation, geospatial mapping, information management, business intelligence and industry expertise. Finding immediate value and enabling sustainable future performance from Insight to Action is our focus.

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Differentiating, brand-defining customer experiences. Higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Lower customer churn and acquisition costs. Expanded market share. Sustainable revenue growth... Understanding customers' wants and needs points the way toward competitive advantage.

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Continued revenue and margin growth, increased market share and strong enduring brands are the primary goals of most companies today. To achieve these objectives in traditional domestic markets and increasingly in global markets requires a routinely refreshed portfolio of competitive products, services and business models. Increased competition means that portfolios need to be refreshed faster than ever before, allowing the leading companies to get new products and services faster to market and with an optimal blend of incremental, radical and break-through innovation.

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Enterprise asset management

Over the past 30 years, PwC has accumulated great amount of experience after successful EAM/ ERP implementations for asset intensive companies (such as nuclear plants), all around the world, especially in Europe and the U.S.

We have established a wealth of global technology, knowledge & assets, which have been or can be brought to China to support the development of EAM utilisation at Chinese companies. These assets include our EAM / ERP solution. In China, PwC has successfully applied the EAM/ERP solution in the flagship nuclear plant of leading nuclear corporation in China and subsequently helped five other nuclear plants under the same corporation apply the same standard EAM/ ERP solution, whilst personalising design and configuration according to customised demands.

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