Due diligence

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We often execute a wide range of due diligence activities, providing an integrated service to our clients. Our integrated due diligence combines our financial diligence with commercial and operational review.

For our client, the integrated due diligence approach efficiently delivers a number of clear benefits:
  • A comprehensive and consistent set of results
  • An easy-to-use report which can seamlessly feed into their investment evaluation process
  • A reduced project management effort, and therefore greater focus on the deal at stake
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Financial Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence
  • Perform initial no-assess review
  • Evaluate the entire set of financial statements
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Assess a company's prospects
Tax Due Diligence
Tax Due Diligence
  • Identify and seize opportunities of tax efficiency
  • Evaluate and manage tax risk
  • Optimise tax structure of the deal
Commercial Due Diligence
Commercial Due Diligence
  • Dimension market size and growth rate  
  • Understand business model of key competitors
  • Assess profitability drivers
  • Review projections and business model 
  • Benchmark the sales organisation against competitor
  • Conduct regulatory review

Operational Due Diligence
Operational Due Diligence
  • Analyse the target along the value chain
  • Assess the impact on the viability of the transaction
  • Assess risks involved
  • Identify synergies
IT Due Diligence
IT Due Diligence
  • Identify merger issues on IT operation and technology
  • Plan for an integration of IT systems
  • Assess the legacy IT systems
  • Develop the transition planning and project management, and IT organisation and staffing reviews
HR Due Diligence
HR Due Diligence
  • Identify the risks related to HR issue
  • Establish the initial diagnostic in pre- and post-merger integration phases
  • Evaluate HR compliance, compensation benefits, people motivation and equity issues
Environmental Due Diligence
Environmental Due Diligence
  • Evaluate the environmental, health and safety performance, legal compliance
  • Comment on the reputation aspects associated with operation and products manufactured
  • Assess the influence of the markets and supply chain relationships on products and the business