China tax publications

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2017       Latest China Tax/Business News Flash
Mar 2017       Leap ahead: 2016 China tax policy review and 2017 outlook
Mar 2017       Customs and Trade Alert: What is the outlook of free trade in China?
Feb 2017       The proposed dedicated tax regime for aircraft leasing business in Hong Kong
(Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Jan 2017       China Customs and Trade Alert: Adjustment and analysis of 2017 "Customs import and export tariff of the People's Republic of China"
Dec 2016       90 seconds to understand how to deal with the China transfer pricing compliance requirement
Dec 2016       Switzerland and Hong Kong mutual recognition of funds (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Dec 2016       Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock connect at a glance (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Sep 2016       Webcast - China financial services tax updates
Sep 2016       Worldwide tax summaries 2016/17
Aug 2016       Webcast - Customs intensive interests in valuation
Aug 2016       Webcast - Readiness for China's transfer pricing compliance requirements - How is your company positioned to meet the SAT new compliance requirements?
2016       The People's Republic of China: Tax facts and figures
Jul 2016       Entry ban lifted for wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOEs) and joint ventures (JVs) engaging in private securities investment fund management business in China (China Asset & Wealth Management Tax News Flash)
Jun 2016       Transfer pricing is more important than ever for fund managers operating in Hong Kong (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Jun 2016       Green light for open-ended fund companies in Hong Kong - law enacted (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Jun 2016       The long-awaited DIPN on tax exemption for offshore private equity funds still leaves some issues to be addressed (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
May 2016       Hong Kong is embarking on the BEPS journey (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Apr 2016       Asia Pacific Tax Notes - China report
Apr 2016       What is next for cross-border e-commerce (B2C) business in China?
Mar 2016       Prepare and consolidate your transfer pricing policies and royalty agreements in view of changes in customs declaration formalities
Mar 2016       2015 China tax policy review and 2016 outlook
Feb 2016       Key trends of administration of VAT invoices in China
Feb 2016       Latest developments and trends of tax policies for cross-border trade and e-commerce in China
Jan 2016       The Bill on Hong Kong's open-ended fund company regime gazetted (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Jan 2016       Webcast - Update on global mobility: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
Dec 2015       Tax policy for Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds Arrangement released (Financial Services Tax News Flash)
Nov 2015       OECD action plan on BEPS: the impact for the Asset Management industry from a China / Hong Kong perspective (China / Hong Kong Asset Management Tax New Flash)
Oct 2015       China FS Tax News Flash: BT to VAT reform in securities industry
Jul 2015       The pilot QDLP programme in Qingdao: RMB funds invest in overseas markets (China Asset Management Tax News Flash)
Jul 2015       Introduction of the pilot QFLP program in Qingdao: RMB funds invest in domestic market (China Asset Management Tax News Flash)
Jun 2015       Latest developments of tax policies for retail and consumer industry and e-commerce in China
May 2015       Asia Pacific Tax Notes - China report
May 2015       China to open up its import tariff and importation policies for consumer products
Oct 2014       Spotlight on tax controversy: The rise of mutual agreement procedure for resolving tax disputes
Jul 2014       Spotlight on tax controversy: Settling a royalty case with the Customs in China
Apr 2014       Spotlight on tax controversy: A business restructuring in China
Nov 2013       Investment hotspots in Southern China - Qianhai, Hengqin and Nansha
Nov 2013       China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone - A new era of opening up and reform in China  
Jan 2013       Video podcast - Cash repatriation Series II / Series I

Publications prior to Jan 2013 have been archived.