Digital Auto Report 2021/22

Accelerating towards the “new normal”

Digital Auto Report 2021/22 is a global consumer survey with a focus on the U.S., EU, China plus a new view on Japan. It consists of a quantitative market outlook until 2035 based on detailed research and interviews with key industry executives at OEMs and suppliers, leading academics and industry analysts.

The report is divided in three volumes:

  • Volume 1 - Assessing global mobility market dynamics
  • Volume 2 - Capturing value with new mobility business models
  • Volume 3 - Building software-defined vehicles and services (coming soon)

Digital Auto Report 2021/22  (Volume 1) - Assessing global mobility
market dynamics

  • Market outlook – penetration of technologies and mobility types
  • Customers – changing mobility preferences: everything-as-a-service?
  • Technology – shifting gears in connected, electric, automated
  • Regulation – slowdown or acceleration of key policies?


Digital Auto Report 2021/22 (Volume 2) - Capturing value with new mobility business models

  • Vehicle – how to package winning connected services?
  • Infrastructure – how to move from charge points to mobility and service hubs?
  • Transportation – what is the true potential of robotaxis in large cities?


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