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Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

The growing global population, demographic shifts, climate change and increasing pressure on diminishing natural resources have all brought sustainability to the top of the political, social and business agenda.

How we can help

Greening the economy and improving social equality have been the mainstays of the recent five-year plans. China’s leadership in how to respond to the Paris Agreement is now being shown on the global stage, with the country’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2060. The 2020s will be a pivotal decade for our planet. The world has woken up to the scale of global challenges including climate change, loss of nature and extreme inequality.

At PwC, we work with clients to build trust in society and solve important problems. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) team leverages on our business know-how to drive transformative and innovative solutions for our clients. We lead by example, setting our own target to reach net zero emissions by 2030.

We help organisations to stay competitive, drive innovation and create win-wins for businesses, the environment and society. We are also thought leaders on sustainable innovation.

Our service offerings

Fuel your next move with a tech-enabled approach

We put our teams, our experience, our skills, and our digital tools to work to make a difference for you. Our products are designed, developed and supported to help you lead the next phase of your evolution.

ESG digital report

ESG reporting tool
Let the tool take care of the data with streamlined and reliable data collection processes to provide timely, readily available and analysed ESG data

Case studies

How we help our clients navigate complex business issues and achieve high performance

  • Working with governments to support green industries in China
  • Helping sector associations to maximise its potential to go green across the entire value chain
  • Advising banks and financial institutional clients on integrating climate into the way they do business
  • Making our corporate client strategies resilient to climate change
  • Aligning client ambitions with the Paris Agreement and Net Zero

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Contact us

Amy Cai

Amy Cai

ESG Managing Partner, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (21) 2323 3698

Loretta Fong

Loretta Fong

GBA and Hong Kong ESG Services Leader, Hong Kong and Macau Government and Public Sector Leader, Hong Kong Telecom Industry Leader, PwC Hong Kong

Tel: +[852] 2289 1314

Qing Ni

Qing Ni

ESG Markets Leader, ESG - Climate and Sustainability Lead Partner, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (10) 6533 2599

Steven Zhong

Steven Zhong

ESG Strategy Lead Partner, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (21) 2323 5349

Kanus Yue

Kanus Yue

ESG Disclosure & Consulting Lead Partner, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (20) 3819 2399

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