PwC China’s Mining Capabilities

Business and Independence

  • Business Vision.
  • Present business and commercial solutions for the most complex problems.
  • Provide an unbiased and distinctive vision of the project performance.


  • Multidisciplinary mining, project management and engineering skills all based in China.
  • Our people in China have onsite mining experience from around the world.
  • Offer our multidisciplinary service portfolio on an integrated basis to the client. This results in business solutions that are can be implemented and will work.

Global Network

  • PwC Global Mining Capability.
  • Working with mining projects in China and throughout the world means that PwC has developed a significant database of best practices.
  • Working with global mining experts.

How we Benchmark

The best source for benchmarking is a company’s own operations. However, in order to establish our baseline, PwC leverages many tools, developed over our extensive projects in the global mining industry:

  • PwC Mining DatabaseTM: And extensive data base of mine specific operational data
  • ArchimedesTM: Our proprietary value driver modelling tool for miners
  • PwC Best PracticesTM: PwC’s proprietary benchmarking tool for administrative functions such as Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and other administrative areas

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