Industry focus


The banking industry is going through a period of unprecedented change, as it adjusts to the post-credit crunch business environment. It faces tougher regulation, government scrutiny, funding pressures and a competitive environment.

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Government and public sector

Governments worldwide are under pressure to do more with less and to ensure that public money is spent more effectively and efficiently. They have to make difficult choices around priorities and are looking for new ways to fund and deliver public services.

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Economics is playing an increasing role in shaping the direction of healthcare policy. In most health systems, economics is used to answer questions about efficiency and value for money in the way healthcare resources are allocated.

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The media industry is full of opportunity and uncertainty. Complex, and often conflicting, forces are reshaping media consumption habits, which require new ways of creating, distributing and monetising content.

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The pharmaceutical industry, and the environment it operates in, has changed significantly over the last ten years. On the discovery side, the nature of products coming through the development pipelines has shifted from high volume, low cost products, to niche specialist products.

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The communications industry has undergone rapid change over the last few years, driven by new technologies such as mobile, internet, NGN, as well as regulatory changes and increasing market liberalisation and convergence. 

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Transport systems have undergone radical reform over the past decade, and the pace of change will be relentless in the new economic climate.

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