Navigate risk and regulatory complexity

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Navigate risk & regulatory complexity

Cybersecurity, data security, cloud security

As companies become more reliant on cloud based platforms, a secure cybersecurity framework needs be a part of a company’s overall structure. It is important to use the correct security tools to oversee planning and prevent data attacks.


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FX risk management

In an increasingly global marketplace, and with China’s outbound investment continuing apace, companies are facing currency risk like never before. Robust FX risk management is therefore critical to limiting exposure to the vagaries and volatility of currency markets.


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Global tax planning

Companies need to adjust to the ever-changing local and international tax regulations. The global expansion plan should include thoughtful structural, operational and tax planning to maximise overall strategic value of the business.  


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Investment risk management

Companies need to pay more attention to post investment risk management, especially during economic downturn. Financial holding groups should consolidate their investments and assess the group’s investment risk as a whole, as the subsidiaries’ investment risks may be highly correlated.



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Fraud assurance

Fraud and bribery are becoming increasingly difficult to prevent and identify. It is critical that a company is able to increase its ability to proactively assess and protect against the relevant fraud risks before they cause permanent loss and/or damage to a company’s reputation.  


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