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PwC’s emerging technologies services offer integrated, end-to-end solutions from strategy and innovation through to execution to solve our clients’ most complex and pressing business challenges.

What do emerging technologies mean to your business? 

Emerging technology strategy needs to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. Business executives must sort through the noise to make clear-headed decisions about the most relevant technologies that will sustain revenue growth and enhance business operations. But with the torrent of tech breakthroughs, how can you even begin to make sense of individual technologies?

To help companies focus their efforts, PwC analysed more than 150 emerging technologies to pinpoint what we call the “Essential Eight + One.” These are the technologies we believe every organisation must consider. While each company’s strategy for how to best exploit them will vary, these technologies will have the most significant global impact across industries.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theory and development of computer systems that exhibit human-like intelligence.

Our experience

PwC’s AI Accelerator develops AI proof of concepts to complex business problems for clients. Our core capabilities:

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Natural language understanding (NLU)
  • Natural language generation (NLG)
  • Data at scale
  • Simulation
  • AI Strategy

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Blockchain technology is a public distributed ledger where transactions are recorded and confirmed anonymously.

Our experience

We deliver blockchain services to clients from shaping strategy to building signature solutions. Our core capabilities:

  • Crypto currency and payments
  • Smart contracts (trade finance, etc.)
  • Supply chain
  • Digital identity
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Assurance
  • DLT analytics
  • DLT security

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Virtual reality (VR) is a simulation of a 3D image or complete environment where a user can interact in a seemingly realistic way.

Our experience

PwC can work with clients to identify and seize opportunities to invest in VR technology. Our core capabilities:

  • VR research and trends
  • VR strategy
  • VR innovation workshop
  • VR prototyping and proofs of concept
  • VR vendor evaluation
  • VR analytics and biometrics

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Augmented reality (AR) is the addition, or augmentation, of the physical world via a data or graphical overlay of information or visuals.

Our experience

PwC can work with clients to identify and seize opportunities to invest in AR technology. Our core capabilities:

  • AR research and trends
  • AR strategy
  • AR innovation workshop
  • AR prototyping and proof of concept
  • AR vendor evaluation analysis

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The Internet of Things (IoT) extends internet connectivity to a diverse range of devices and everyday things.

Our experience

We work with clients to create and deploy IoT strategies and solutions. Our core capabilities:

  • IoT and IIoT strategy
  • Product development roadmap and planning
  • Technical design
  • Functional design and implementation
  • Operating model design and implementation
  • Testing and certification

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Robotics is the combination of engineering and computer science to create, design, and operate mechanical devices, i.e., robots. 

Our experience

PwC works with clients to explore the value of robotics solutions and create and execute automation strategies. Our core capabilities:

  • Robotics / Intelligent Automation strategy
  • Robotics opportunity assessment
  • Robotics operating model
  • Robotics training
  • Robotics risk and control
  • Human capital strategy

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Drones are devices that participate in flight or movement without the presence of a pilot.

Our experience

PwC’s Drone Powered Solutions provides end-to-end solutions to give clients a new level of insight. Our core capabilities:

  • Delivery software
  • Geospatial and image analytics
  • Data processing and integration
  • Strategic and regulatory consulting
  • Drone technology integration and operations
  • Data delivery and reporting

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3D printing (3DP) is the process of creating a three dimensional object by successively printing layers of materials on one another until an object is formed.

Our experience

PwC co-creates with clients to develop a 3DP strategy to solve complex industry challenges and helps to drive execution. Our core capabilities: 

  • 3DP business case
  • 3DP strategy and operating model
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Technology vendor analysis
  • 3DP pilot and proof of concept

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves applying technology to automate workflows in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

Our experience

PwC has significant experience delivering RPA solutions to our clients and a market opportunity to grow this business. Our core capabilities:

  • RPA strategy development
  • RPA assessment
  • RPA tool implementation
  • Managed services
  • RPA vendor evaluation
  • Bot development

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Technological disruption in business world

Technological disruption is not new.  World history has always been shaped by technological innovations. So, why is what's happening today attracting such wide-spread attention and commentary, both from optimists who foresee a golden age of opportunity and also from those who are concerned or uncertain about what the future may mean for them?

What's different this time? More from Andrew Watkins, ‎Technology and Disruption Leader for PwC China and Hong Kong.


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Intelligent Archive - Compliant messaging + intelligent chat assistant

Intelligent Archive - Compliant messaging + intelligent chat assistant

In today's connected world, client facing staff are heavily reliant on mobile messaging as a communication tool to build and maintain their relationships with their clients. Client expectations on connectivity and communications has popularised the use of instant messaging apps.

Unmonitored communications via third party communication channels have expanded the compliance challenge for modern financial institutions. Regulators are beginning to take notice and explore issuing further guidance on electronic communications. PwC China’s first FinTech application gives bankers a compliant way to connect with their clients where they are, on mobile.

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